Testimonial of Yuan Zhong, China, june 2018

Yuan Zhong at TANDEM Madrid school

Testimonial of Yuan Zhong, China, june 2018

Testimonial of Yuan Zhong in English

We are from Shanghai, China, and study Spanish at TANDEM, Escuela Internacional. Because we are from 0 level, school arrange us one to one private course in the first two weeks, late goes for group, after one month, we could make a simple communication in life.

The courses is quite practical, normally each class room have 4-6 students, all teachers only speak Spanish, the curriculum concerning in listening and oral talk, different teachers would give us max practice and let us learning faster.

All students are from different countries, it helps everyone get used to the new environment, also each week after study,  school would arrange several activities, teacher bring us to feel the real life in culture, food, entertainment, it give us a more deeper impression about Madrid.

Testimonial of Yuan Zhong in Chinese

我们俩来自上海, 在TANDEM语言学校学习西班牙语。 由于是零基础, 前两周学校安排了一对一的课程,随后跟初级班, 经过一个月的学习, 我们在生活上已能进行基本的交流。

学校的课程很实用, 一般情况下每个班只有4-6人, 老师全程西语, 课堂上注重听说, 不同风格的老师让我们得到更多的练习, 进步很快。

每个班的学生来自于不同的国家,让大家能更好的融合在这个新的环境中, 学校每周会安排数次课外体验, 带领我们在文化, 美食, 娱乐和日程生活进行全方位的接触, 同时也对马德里这个城市有了更深的了解。

总而言之, 这是一个非常愉快而有效的学习体验。

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