Creation of Didactic Material for the Internet

Creation of Didactic Material for the Internet

Creation of Didactic Material for the Internet

Creation of Didactic Material for the Internet

The learning of Spanish on the Internet is growing more than ever, with a great demand for both videoconference classes with native teachers and for complementary study materials, which also allow each student to advance in their studies in a self-taught way.

For this reason, the supply of teaching materials for learning Spanish on the Internet is multiplying exponentially. This makes it more difficult for students to find quality resources that really help them master a language.

With this course, you will learn how to create teaching material with images, videos, podcasts, and interactive activities for Spanish as a foreign language (ELE) at a distance, which will make your classes much more interesting and attractive.

We will provide you with an overview of applications for computer graphics, Spanish lessons, games, and other interactive activities for your video conference classes, to work with remote videos, and to design teaching materials with them.

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You will learn about the approach to content creation that TANDEM Madrid has been successfully using on the Internet for years, which will guarantee the quality and effectiveness of the materials you develop.

This course can be taken in combination with SOS: Teaching Spanish at a Distance so that you acquire a broader view of what is needed to teach Spanish over the Internet. This will enable you to work in any teaching institution as well as to start your career as a freelance teacher, working and living anywhere in the world.

Start a new career as an ELE teacher or producer of educational materials for the Internet and discover new opportunities that the digital transformation is creating around the world.

75 euros per week.1 week, 7 and a half hours of classes per week (by video conference)

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