Free online Spanish course

Free online Spanish course

Free online Spanish course

Start learning Spanish right now! With this mini online course for beginners, you can learn comfortably from home at any time. Free Spanish lessons published weekly, with interactive exercises, PDF, audio, video and more! It’s a good option to get some language skills before you start your course in TANDEM Madrid.

Free Spanish tests

Spanish level test

Free online Spanish level test

Spanish Nationality/ CCSE Exams tests in PDF

CCSE test simulation 1 (PDF) CCSE test simulation 2 (PDF)


Spanish learning bits (Píldoras de español)

Short Spanish lessons about common uses of the language in Spain and Latin America. Most lessons with videos and interactive exercises. A few minutes of fun and Spanish learning.

Character Trait Descriptive Adjectives Character Trait Descriptive Adjectives

Queda - Quedarse Quedar o Quedarse


Billete AVE Exercise: Train ticket, billete de tren
Viajas de Madrid a Sevilla en un tren AVE (Alta Velocidad Española) y este es tu billete. Pulsa sobre las opciones correctas y… ¡Buen viaje! (Nivel A1.2) You travel from Madrid to Seville on an AVE train (Alta Velocidad Española) and this is your ticket. Click on the correct options and … Good trip! (Level […]
Spanish exercise: La compra - 2 Exercise: Shopping – La Compra
This is an exercise for students of Spanish level A 1.2. Please try to solve it with the instructions in Spanish. If you need help, you can click on “Text in English” below. It was created by the teachers Mabel and Francisco for their respective students. La Compra Unos amigos vegetarianos de Jaime van a […]

Contents of our free online Spanish lessons

This free online Spanish course will consist of lectures on:

  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Orthography
  • Common Phrases
  • Slang and idioms
  • Specific professional topics
  • Popular sayings and proverbs
  • Text analysis and interpretation
  • Exams Preparation

Whenever possible they’ll be followed by audio or videos to reinforce lessons. We will also make some materials available for download, so you can study anywhere or use it in your Spanish classes, in case you’re a Spanish teacher.

For teachers of Spanish we have created a specific section with class materials, only in the Spanish version of this website. However, many of the materials for the general public may also be suitable for use in the classroom. This is because, logically, someone who wants to learn Spanish seek resources in another language, and Spanish only teachers seek remedies in this language. But foreign Spanish teachers need materials in their language.

We are open to receive all your reviews, suggestions and comments to make this free online Spanish course as useful as possible for you. Simply contact us or leave your comments on the lesson you want to improve.

¡Que lo disfrutes!