Gap Year + DELE course or Gap Year + SIELE Exam course

Gap Year + DELE course or Gap Year + SIELE Exam course

Gap Year + DELE course or Gap Year + SIELE Exam course

The “Gap Year” courses have been specially designed for foreign students who wish to stay in Spain for a long period of time, study at a Spanish university, or work. The courses are especially recommended to guarantee success on the “Selectividad” exam, the university entrance exam in Spain, to obtain a master’s degree, or to prepare students for work in the Spanish-speaking market.

In addition, once you finish your year of study with an international and official certificate of Spanish (DELE OR SIELE) that accredits the level of Spanish achieved, this makes this program of studies much more complete and interesting.

We all know how important and useful it is to learn a language, especially when it is a language with more than 550 million speakers worldwide.

Which of the two programs is perfect for you, Gap year + DELE or Gap year + SIELE?

The possibility of having an official certificate of linguistic proficiency, such as the DELE (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera), is highly recommended. There are many reasons to get your diploma. In most countries, the DELE has been adopted by educational authorities and regulated schools as a complement to their own assessment programs. It is ideal for facilitating job promotions and access to master’s degrees and education both in Spain and in the other countries where the tests accepted , which is almost everywhere in the world.

In addition, by preparing yourself for the DELE throughout a full year, you can conveniently take the tests at TANDEM Madrid, which is an examination center accredited by the Instituto Cervantes.
** Registration fee for DELE Exam with Instituto Cervantes is not included in the course price.

Gap Year + DELE Exam preparation course
Lessons per week 20 lessons (intensive course) + 10 private lessons + 2 conversation classes (from Spanish level A2)
Duration Minimum: 12 weeks
Levels All levels

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Lesson duration 45 min
Enrolment fee 50€
Prices 2019
12 weeks304 lessons3480 Euros
24 weeks568 lessons4910 Euros
32 weeks744 lessons6540 Euros


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SIELE (Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española) is the International Service of Spanish Language Assessment, a system of evaluation and certification of the degree of mastery of Spanish that is carried out entirely online. It is designed for students and professionals whose mother tongue is different from Spanish, as well as native speakers who wish to accredit their linguistic competence towards academic institutions, companies and public administrations. It is a certification promoted by the Instituto Cervantes in collaboration with several universities in Spain and Latin America and offered on all continents.

EL SIELE is perfect for all those who wish to prove their mastery of the Spanish language to academic institutions, companies and public administrations, whether they have Spanish as a foreign, second or mother tongue.

SIELE is designed for young people and adults, and it is a particularly suitable option for people who need a quick accreditation for admission to a university or applying for a new job, because it is recognized by large companies and multinationals as accreditation of the candidate’s level of Spanish.

The SIELE exam can be taken at the same TANDEM Madrid school on the day of your choice and at the time that suits you best, since TANDEM Madrid is one of the SIELE examination centers in the Community of Madrid and Spain, and one of the first to become an examination center authorized by the Instituto Cervantes. ** Registration fee for SIELE EXAM is included in the course price

Gap Year + SIELE Exam course
Lessons per week 20 Spanish lessons/week – 4 lessons/day + 2 lessons/week Spanish and Conversation from A2 level + SIELE Exam (SIELE certifies the degree of proficiency for the Spanish Language).
Duration Minimum: 24 weeks
Levels All levels
Lesson duration 45 min
Enrolment fee 50€
24 weeks 528 lessons 4150 Euros
32 weeks 704 lessons 5475 Euros
Additional week 170 Euros


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