SOS: Teaching Spanish at a Distance

SOS: Teaching Spanish at a Distance

SOS: Teaching Spanish at a Distance

Teaching Spanish at a Distance

This course was designed for teachers in general but can be taken by anyone interested in starting in the world of Internet language teaching.


You will obtain an innovative vision of the training in Spanish as a foreign language (ELE). We offer you a personalized course that adapts to your digital competence level and with which you will progress to become a teacher of Spanish online:

  • General principles of e-learning.
  • Functionalities of the video conferencing systems used in your school or institute.
  • Learning platforms and their different roles in training: the repository of materials, creation of activities, communication, collaborative work.

The “Teach Spanish at a Distance” course is especially suitable for ELE (Español como Lengua Extranjera) teachers who do not feel confident in the new digital teaching environment and want to develop technical skills to fearlessly incorporate any technology into their distance learning classes.

Improve your communication skills by video conferencing, learn how to prepare a suitable environment for online teaching, and make your classes more entertaining and productive.

This course can be done in combination with Creation of Didactic Material for the Internet so that you acquire a wider vision of everything necessary to teach Spanish through Internet. This will enable you to work in any teaching institution or to start your career as a freelance teacher, working and living anywhere in the world.

Work from home

Spanish teacher

After a needs analysis, we will inform you how many weeks you need to achieve the objective of being a distance teacher by video conference.

This is the ideal time to start a career as a distance learning teacher of Spanish as a foreign language. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn with some of the best language teacher trainers in Spain.

75 euros per week.1 week, 7 and a half hours of classes per week (by video conference)

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