Spanish Online AVE

Spanish Online AVE

Spanish Online AVE

Spanish Online AVE, or The Aula Virtual de Español (Virtual Spanish classroom) of the Instituto Cervantes, is a didactic environment that was created by specialists to offer Spanish language courses over the Internet.
Español online AVE, Aula Virtual de Español

Students can learn Spanish without having to attend class in person.

In the Spanish Online AVE courses, the student will:

  • Learn to communicate adequately in Spanish in different situations.
  • Study all aspects of the Spanish language: Grammar, lexicon, phonetics, spelling, etc.
  • Learn about the socio-cultural situation of the Spanish-speaking world and discover its enormous wealth and diversity.

Why enrol through TANDEM MADRID?

The Spanish Online AVE is a project developed by the Instituto Cervantes and the Centro Virtual Cervantes. TANDEM, Escuela Internacional de Madrid, among other educational organisations, participated in the creation of the Virtual Spanish Classroom.

Course structure and content

The Spanish Online AVE courses offer the Instituto Cervantes’ four levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Superior.
Each level requires around 120 hours’ work.
The levels are organised into courses and the courses into topics; each topic has 10 work sessions. This simple and easy-to-follow structure enables students to complete a learning unit in a short time.


Starting date When the student registers
Number of students From 1 to 5
Duration From 90 days
The student determines the times and number of classes in the course.
Levels All levels
Age 16 years (persons under the age of 18 must have the authorisation of their parents)
You may buy the AVE course directly with Instituto Cervantes or choose our Spanish course via Skype, with Spanish teachers with more than ten years of experience.

For other alternatives, please check our complete list of Spanish courses.

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