Super Learning Spanish Course

Super Learning Spanish Course

Super Learning Spanish Course

Super learning Spanish Private or duet classes

TANDEM Madrid organizes the Super Learning Spanish Course in private or duet classes. This course, focused in Super learning and Suggestopedic method, allows you to learn Spanish language in an amazingly effective way. Begoña Llovet, director of TANDEM, introduced this method in Spain in 1990, and she dealt with the training of teachers in different universities and institutions. She specialized in the use of the method in Germany with the help of any experts. Along with Gunhild Hinkelmann, she was also the author of Sol y sombra, the first handbook of Super learning Spanish method, useful for our lessons and which our teachers became familiar with.

A Super learning Spanish method is the most effective way to attain your goals in a limited time period while enjoying Spanish classes. Through this method you can learn the language in a more relaxed, spontaneous, and enjoyable atmosphere.


Super Learning Spanish Course

Lessons per week 20, 30 or 40 lessons/week
Levels All levels
OPTIONAL Lunch with your teacher
Lesson duration 45 min
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Prices 2018
1 week20 private lessons760 Euros
1 week30 private lessons1140 Euros


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