Super Learning Spanish Course

Super Learning Spanish Course

Super Learning Spanish Course

Super learning Spanish Private or duet classes

Our brain is a powerful tool that can help us accelerate our progress in the learning of languages, if we know how to properly stimulate it. One of the techniques that can help us to do this is called Super-learning, and it is an integral learning method that adapts perfectly to the biological characteristics and capabilities of our brain.

In TANDEM Madrid you can apply for an individual course or a course for two people using the Super-learning method. In this course you will learn Spanish in a highly effective way following the method called Super-learning or Suggestopedia. Begoña Llovet, who heads TANDEM, introduced this method in Spain for the first time in 1990, and she trains teachers in this field of education in different Universities and institutions.

She trained in the method in Germany with specialists and she, along with Gunhild Hinkelmann, wrote the first manual for Spanish Super-learning called “Sol y Sombra” which is used in our lessons. Our teachers are familiar with the method, and we guarantee you will get permanent Spanish results in a short time and in a very pleasant way.

It doesn’t matter what your Spanish proficiency level is. If you have never taken Spanish classes, or you can generally communicate with Spanish people, with the Super-learning method you will learn more in a relaxed and spontaneous way, naturally, while having fun.


Super Learning Spanish Course

Lessons per week20, 30 or 40 lessons/week
LevelsAll levels
OPTIONALLunch with your teacher
Lesson duration45 min
Enrolment fee



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The course is a super-intensive program which can be done throughout the year. It lasts for at least a week and consists of 20, 30 or 40 weekly lessons of 45 minutes each.

Additionally, TANDEM Madrid offers you the chance to enjoy a meal with your teacher, an experience which will not only bring you and your teacher closer, but also gives you the opportunity to practice Spanish in a more informal context.


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1 week20 private lessons760 Euros
1 week30 private lessons1140 Euros


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