Workshop on Intercultural Competence for foreign students

intercultural competence workshop

Studying and living abroad is an enriching experience that is normally regarded as an incredible opportunity in which students create unforgettable memories.

However, is it always easy and normal to adjust perfectly to the host culture? Is it possible to shift automatically to the new culture’s beliefs, behaviors and communication styles? Being immersed in a context with people from a different cultural background can be very disturbing.

The program, taught by Lucía Largo Almoguera, a specialist in this field, has three main components: first, helping the students to develop and practice skills with role-plays that are useful for the immersion context (tailorized for Spain). Secondly, debating useful strategies for encouraging students to actively participate in the target culture and finally, to strengthen their coping mechanisms when they have cultural shock overload.

The workshop is divided in different phases, covering all aspects of intercultural competence from the initial contact of the student with a new culture, until the preparation for the re-entry to their country (USA).

It also includes activities planned to use the skills learnt, such as proposing different real situations where they have to role-play interactions with locals where there’s a cross-cultural misunderstanding.

Read full information about this program here.

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