Road2Spain: Spanish Course and TEFL Course in Madrid

If you want to learn Spanish in Spain and teach English with the EBC Trinity CertTESOL, then our Road2Spain programme is the ideal course for you. The Trinity CertTESOL is one of two certificates that is guaranteed to meet British Council standards and is truly internationally accepted. Other TEFL schools may claim to be accredited but the British Council will not accept their certificates.

This course has been discontinued by now. Please contact us for advice about other courses.

TANDEM Madrid and EBC Trinity CertTESOL are proud to offer you our unrivalled and unique Road2Spain programme. With this unique programme you will be able to achieve two goals:

  • Learn Spanish at TANDEM, a distinguished language school which is a Cervantes Institute Accredited Centre.
  • Get certified to teach English at EBC with the British Council accepted and recognised EBC Trinity CertTESOL.

With the EBC Trinity CertTESOL, you will not have any problem finding a job as an English teacher anywhere in the world.

After you successfully complete your EBC Trinity CertTESOL, your CV will be sent to more than 367 language schools in the city of your choice and you will be interviewing for an English teaching job straight away. If you want, you can start working in a week or less after graduating with the EBC Trinity CertTESOL course.

The EBC Worldwide, Lifetime Job Placement Programme is:

Worldwide – you can be placed in any city where you would like to work as an English teacher. You do not need to work in the city where you took the course. Madrid, Buenos Aires, Chania, Phuket, Beijing, Tokyo, Dubai or Seoul are just some of the cities where you can find an EBC Trinity CertTESOL graduate working as an English teacher.

Lifetime – You will be able to use our Job Placement Programme at any time and as often as you wish to. As you are an EBC Trinity CertTESOL graduate, you are given unlimited access to the Job Placement Programme.

TEFL - TESOL - Spanish accreditated centres Road2Spain Programmes in Madrid

Trinity College London

Cervantes Institute Accreditation


TANDEM International Schools Group

Four great packages! Accredited TESOL and TEFL training at EBC MADRID School. Spanish courses with TANDEM Madrid, a leading Cervantes Institute school.

1,400 €
  • Intensive Spanish Course
  • Spanish Evening Course
  • Accommodation 4 weeks
  • One Year Student Visa
  • TEFL course
  • TEFL Certificate
  • TESOL Certificate
  • Job Placement
2,025 €
  • Intensive Spanish Course
  • Spanish Evening Course
  • Accommodation 4 weeks *
  • One Year Student Visa
  • TEFL course
  • TEFL Certificate
  • TESOL Certificate
  • Job Placement
Road2Spain Gold
2,685 €
  • Intensive Spanish Course: 2 weeks
  • Spanish Evening Course: 32 weeks
  • Accommodation 4 weeks
  • One Year Student Visa **
  • TEFL course
  • TEFL Certificate
  • TESOL Certificate
  • Job Placement
Road2Spain Platinum
3,310 €
  • Intensive Spanish Course: 4 weeks
  • Spanish Evening Course: 32 weeks
  • Accommodation 4 weeks *
  • One Year Student Visa **
  • TEFL course
  • TEFL Certificate
  • TESOL Certificate
  • Job Placement

Booking fee: 325€, included in all packages

Every package features bonus extra teaching material, the British Council accepted EBC Trinity CertTESOL training, the worldwide and lifetime job placement programme.* If you would like your accommodations to last more than 4 weeks or wish to add lodging services to your programme, contact TANDEM so we can send you a more precise price quotation.

** Documentation necessary for the Student Visa is sent via normal postal service. Nevertheless, you can also hire an express system at the extra cost of 60€ if you want a faster and more secure service for the processing of your documents.

Need a visa?

If you do not have a European Union passport, no problem. The Road2Spain Gold and Road2Spain Platinum packages are recommended as ideal options for our non-European Union students.

Bronze and Silver packages are suitable for European Union citizens applying from anywhere in the world.

EBC Trinity CertTESOL course

The TEFL course includes.

  • The Trinity CertTESOL certificate
  • Up to 60 credits towards college/university degree programmes
  • Course materials for use during the 4-week EBC Trinity CertTESOL course
  • On site independent moderation by Trinity external moderators
  • Welcome drinks
  • End of course party
  • Group social activities and food tours
  • Preparation for job interviews
  • Job Workshops on working as an EFL/ESL teacher
  • Proactive, lifetime, worldwide job placement at no extra cost
  • Continued teacher learning
  • E Book: Introduction to TEFL
  • E Book: Teaching Business English
  • E Book: Teaching Grammar

Requirements for those who want to enrol:

  • Students need to be 21 years of age or older.
  • Non-native English speakers who want to take the EBC Trinity CertTESOL course must be able to demonstrate a high level of English (at least a B2-C1 level, Upper Intermediate – Advanced). Supporting documents will include a university certificate from the (EU, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, The Republic of Ireland or The United Kingdom), a Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English, a TOEFL with a minimum grade of 525 or an IELTS level 6.
  • You must have a university degree or at least 5 years of professional experience.

The Trinity CertTESOL certificate is accepted by the British Council as an initial TESOL or TEFL qualification for teachers in its global network of accredited English schools.

TEFL courses take place over 4 intensive weeks and are completed before the start of the Spanish courses.

TEFL class timetable

  • From 9:30 to 17:00 Monday to Friday.
  • Timetables are subject to change every Thursday and Friday due to classroom teaching practice.

With the TEFL course at EBC, you will learn how to:

  • Prepare your classes.
  • Conduct a student level assessment.
  • Teach, communicate with and increase your students’ motivation.
  • Help your students learn grammar, listening and reading comprehension, conversation and writing.
  • Provide different materials and learn how to adapt them to different cultures.
  • Assess your students’ learning.

Spanish Course

The Spanish course consists of an intensive or general evening course (for the last option a visa is obligatory).

The Spanish course starts when the TEFL course has been completed at EBC´s school.

Spanish Intensive Course

Starting date Please, contact us
Lessons per week 22 lessons/ week. 4 lessons per day of language tuition + 2 lessons/week Spanish and Conversation.
Duration From 2 weeks
Levels All levels

Show Timetable

Lesson duration 45 min

Spanish Evening Course from 32 weeks

Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday

Students that take the intensive course are required to continue learning with this Spanish course which is compulsory for anyone who wishes to obtain a Student Visa within the Road2Spain program. The two weekly classes take place in the evenings and each of them lasts for an hour and a half. The number of students per group cannot be higher than 12 and participants come from many different countries.

You will be provided with unique and communicative classes by one of the most motivated teams of specialized teachers.

This course is the ideal course for those who wish to learn the language while they get in touch with and learn to understand the Spanish culture. These courses are designed for you to stimulate your conversational skills with the help of a teacher who will guide you through the process. Therefore, you will have the chance to exchange both everyday and professional experiences with the members of your multicultural group.

Spanish Evening Course

Starting date Please, contact us
Lessons per week 4 lessons/week
Duration From 32 weeks
Levels All levels
Lesson duration 45 min


on BOTH courses

included services

15 services included in the price!


Students of Tandem Madrid are offered a professional lodging service with different alternatives available so that we can satisfy the personal interests and needs of every student. Your accommodation will be carefully selected as we strive to provide every student with the same quality level.

TANDEM Madrid also offers the option of lodging with a Host Family within the Road2Spain program. With this option you will be accommodated in a single room (breakfast included). TANDEM believes this is the ideal option for you as it will allow you to focus all your attention on the TEFL course and immerse completely into the Spanish language and culture.

The following factors are taken into consideration when TANDEM carefully selects the families:

Students can easily get to the home from the school. The maximum distance between the school and the family homes is of 30 minutes by foot or by public transport.

These flats are comfortable, cozy and clean and have a bedroom with everything you may need just for you.

The host families are usually interested in interacting with their student guests and enjoying the time they stay.

Note: not every family is necessarily made up of a mother, father and children. The concept of family we offer includes many types of accommodation which may be: a couple with no children, or single mothers or women who live alone, etc.

Your visa

Every student that comes from outside the European Union needs to apply for a Student Visa or a Tourist Visa.

As TANDEM Madrid is an Instituto Cervantes accredited centre, once you enrol a Spanish course with us, you will be provided with an authorisation letter which you need in order to obtain the Student Visa, with which you will be able to stay in Spain for a year.

This letter and other papers will be sent via email and normal postal services. You can also hire an express system at the extra cost of 60€ if you want a fastest and more secure service for the processing of your documents.

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