Learning Spanish at TANDEM, Escuela Internacional Madrid, is to learn at an independent and unique school. We are experts at innovative teaching, and managed by education specialists. A high quality educational center that has earned its prestigious international reputation for its educational know-how and professionalism over the past 33 years.

TANDEM is accredited by the Cervantes Institute since 2000 and is part of the Network of Associate Centers, which regulates the quality requirements set by the SYSTEM QUALITY ACCREDITATION ELE CENTERS Cervantes Institute, the only international quality accreditation board that focuses entirely and exclusively on teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.

TANDEM, Escuela Internacional is also committed to improving the world and works alongside the Ayudaen Acción NGO by donating 0.7% of its turnover to educational projects in Developing Countries.

TANDEM Madrid International Programs in Madrid include: study abroad, teaching Spanish, high school programs, and a gap year program; summer program experiences and travel; internships and professional training programs.

Our professional services include a variety of student interviews and tests, medical insurance, and administrative support for all programs.

All about TANDEM Madrid Spanish school: History, location, accreditations, social responsability, teachers, videos and more.
TANDEM Spanish school
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