Begoña Llovet



Begoña Llovet Barquero, is a graduate in German Language and Literature from Complutense University of Madrid. She is a founder and director of TANDEM, Escuela Internacional. A pioneer who introduced suggestopedia and Neurolinguistic Programming into teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, she also obtained her Master’s in Neurolinguistic Programming, specialized in Holistic Teaching while creating Tandem’s intercultural method.

Begoña is still a Teacher trainer at different universities: Complutense University of Madrid (Master in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language), International University Menéndez Pelayo of Santander (UIMP) (combined Master of the UIMP and the Cervantes Institute), as well as Teacher trainer for theTrainingCenters of the Ministry of Education, Spain’s Official Language Schools, amongst many other positions.

She is also the coordinator of the “Enlace” Project for the Instituto Cervantes (first Spanish language online course). Begoña is also the creator of teaching material: “Planet@”, author of a Spanish language course book in 4 volumes by Edelsa editors, “Sol y Sombra” (“Sun and Shadow”), and of Spanish language course books based on the suggestopedia method in 3 volumes, published by Langenscheidt. She has also co-authored “Pasaporte E/LE”, a Spanish language course book, four 4 levels, published by EDELSA.

Somehow Begoña also finds time to keep her PINTEREST Patchwork work page and performs in independent theatre projects.

Matilde Cerrolaza



Matilde Cerrolaza Aragón, graduated in Spanish Language and Literature at Universidad Complutense of Madrid. She is the founder and Director of TANDEM, Escuela Internacional.

She still trains Spanish language teachers in several programs at universities, at teachers’trainer schools, in Spain’s Official Language Schools, and at international Conferences, amongst others. She was the Coordinator of the Enlace Project for the Instituto Cervantes (Spain’s first Spanish Language Online course, the AVE).

She is also coordinating The Professional Self Development for Teachers for the Erasmus+ EU program.

Matilde is also the author of teaching material such as:“Planet@”, a Spanish Language in 4 volumes published by Edelsa, “How to teach with manuals in the classroom: how to prepare classes” (“Cómo trabajar con libros de texto: la preparación de la clase”), by Edelsa or “Pasaporte E/LE”, four manual catering to 4 different levels of learners again by EDELSA.

Matilde is a passionate for music, she plays guitar and E- bass.

Merche Guerrero


Mercedes Guerrero, International Marketing Coordinator

Mercedes Guerrero graduated in Political and Social Sciences in 1996, from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. However, she had already completed acourse on “The European Union and International Relations” in 1995 at the European Parliament Office in Madrid, Spain. In 1997 she obtained her Diploma in Marketing and Communication at the London Business School, in the UK.

Mercedes Guerrero, has been a respected International Marketing Director for over 20 years, she joined TANDEM MADRID in JANUARY 2003. Previously, she was the Director of Marketing and was in charge of the development of internet and the company’s online services for VIAPOSTAL AND GRUPO CENCLA, where she was also the head of the creation and execution of a strategic communication and marketing plan.

Ever since Mercedes joined TANDEM she has widely travelled the world to countries such as Korea, Sweden, Uk, Italy etc, to acquaint students with the excitement and interest of learning Spanish in Madrid. She identifies, designs and develops TANDEM’S marketing strategies by catering to all our variety of students’ needs.

Merche knows everything that is going on and happening in Madrid. She is everyone’s personal shopper, tourist guide and restaurant critic. Whatever you want to know about Madrid daytime and night life we can always refer to Merche.

Mabel Aparicio


Mabel Aparicio, Spanish Department Coordinator

A graduate Teacher of Chemistry at the Instituto Nacional Superior del Profesorado, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Mabel, became a Spanish language teacher by trade. She started teaching Spanish in language schools and in Volkshochschule Erlangen, in Germany where she also completed her Spanish language teacher training. She has also taught at Clark University in Massachusetts.

Mrs Aparicio is the founding member of ASILIM (Asociación para la integración lingüística del inmigrante) an NGO that teaches Spanish as a foreign language to immigrants. Within that framework she has taught workshops at the Universidad de Comillas. She has taken part in quite a few educational projects and lectured for ASILIM.

It is her gourmet tastes and cooking expertise that sets the high standards of TANDEM’S Spanish cooking classes.

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