Formulaire de Demande

Pour cette étape, vous aurez besoin de

  • A portrait photo
  • Une copie de votre passeport
  • Une copie de votre assurance médicale : Cette étape est facultative, mais vous devrez de toute façon nous l’envoyer plus tard.
  • Le test de niveau que vous avez effectué à l’étape précédente. Si vous n’avez pas encore effectué votre test, revenez à l’étape 1.

Tous les champs marqués d’un astérisque (*) sont obligatoires.

Dans tous les cas, veuillez fournir le plus d’informations possible. Cela nous aidera à mieux organiser votre cours et votre hébergement.

Étape 2 de 2 : Formulaire de Demande

University Programs Application Form

§ SPRING SEMESTER: January to April
§ FALL SEMESTER: August to December

Información General | General Information

Maximum file size: 10.49MB

Maximum file size: 10.49MB

Maximum file size: 10.49MB

Academic Information | Información Académica

Current Studies

Please indicate the electives you wish to study | por favor, indica los monográficos que quieres estudiar

Language Proficiency in Spanish | Dominio del idioma español

Housing Preferences | Preferencias de alojamiento


You will be living with a señora, frequently single, though not always. If single, she is likely to be divorced or a widow. Some of the host families include young children, older children, or no children at all; some have pets, while others do not; some host just one student, and others host several. Many families would like you to integrate into family life, while others accept you more as a boarder, but still as a member of the household.

Please respond honestly to the following items. Every effort will be made to meet as many of your preferences as possible, but please understand that not all preferences can be met. Your adjustment to this new experience will involve some changes of habit and/or diet. Try to remember that a student who is flexible stands a better chance of being content in the homestay.

Lenght of stay | Duración de la estadía

2. I prefer living with:

Maximum file size: 10.49MB

Please attach a medical history form – both physical and mental

Medical Emergency Contact Form

“I certify that I am in good physical and mental health and that I do not suffer from any mental or physical condition that would prevent me from successfully taking part in the study abroad program at
Tandem International School in Madrid Spain.

I further understand and agree that, in the event of an emergency abroad, we reserve the right to notify my parent(s) or guardian(s) as listed by me as ‘Emergency Contact Person (s) on this form.”

Emergency Contact Person (s)

Certificate of Insurance

(Health, Accident, Medical, Hospital)

All program participants MUST be insured. This is for your own protection. If you do no currently have insurance, you must purchase, you must purchase adequate coverage beyond that provided by the International Student Identity Card (ISIC). Inexpensive insurance plans are available on a short-term basis.

You are required to have medical insurance for your entire time abroad. Be aware that most insurance policies in the U.S. are of the refundable variety; that is, you pay the doctor and /or hospital oversees, save the receipts, and return these to your insurance company for reimbursement. Please insure that you have extra cash on hand or a credit card for medical emergencies. If possible, take along your insurance company’s claim forms. Consider some supplementary emergency medical coverage if your insurance policy does not include medical evacuation and repatriation benefits.

My insurance Carrier has certified to me that the following polity, which is currently in force, will cover me while out of the country.

TANDEM Housing Contract

American University Programs
1. This contract is a binding commitment to live in the program housing assigned for the entire term. The program reserves the right to change the housing assignment under exceptional circumstances.

2. If there were a problem with the housing, the student should consult with the Program Director.

3. Students can expect the following from their host mothers, señoras:

a. 3 meals a day for full-board housing, or breakfast and dinner for half-board housing.
b. Clean living quarters.
c. Laundry service once a week.
d. Permission to receive short important phone calls on the house phone.

4. The student is not to do the following in his or her señora’s house:
a. Make phone calls on the house telephone.
b. Use or possess illegal drugs in the home.

TANDEM and Europa Plus intend to provide a residential atmosphere where study and learning can take place. This atmosphere is dependent upon the willingness of all who live in the house. Apart from these fundamental rules, each señora has the right the increase the rules of her house and to express clearly what she considers proper in her own home. The student is to respect the wishes and the rules of the house in which he or she lives.

The student acknowledges the need for socially responsible behaviour and recognizes the role of the Program Director in promoting such behaviour.

By signing this agreement, the student confirms his /her responsibility to accept the HOUSING CONTRACT.


Camps d'été pour enfants et adolescents.

Si vous vous inscrivez avant le 31 mai : inscription gratuite.

Si vous avez déjà participé à un programme d'été à TANDEM : 15% de réduction + inscription gratuite.


Utilisez le code de réduction lors de la réservation : CAMPS2024