Of the 130,000 foreign students visit Spain every year, over 20,000 choose Madrid to study a language that is starting to be essential in all spheres of life; this is in addition to the university students on Erasmus and Leonardo programmes who come to Madrid from all over Europe to further their academic education. Learm more about living in Madrid:

  • 7 reasons to learn Spanish… in Madrid Madrid is pure ART. Just a few metres from each other, the best museums with the masterpieces of Goya, Velázquez and Picasso welcome visitors from all corners of the world. Read more…
  • Cultural immersion As our learner’s objective is to enable the student to communicate effectively, our cultural activities program is an essential part of this process, since it is not only a transmitter of cultural contents but is also a path to make our learners more familiar with other surroundings, another culture and different points of view . Read more…
  • Orientation service For Semester students, a Weekend orientation is offered to help student adjust to a new city and country with ease. Students will spend the weekend together in a hotel or hostal before going to their host families. Learn more
  • Housing and meals Housing is a homestay with carefully selected Spanish families. When living with a Spanish family, students are exposed to countless examples of authentic speech and different customs thus learning about these new aspects of language and culture with little effort. More info
  • Conversation exchange Communicating, speaking, conversing, talking are all principal objectives of the program. To this end, students will have a TANDEM partner, a linguistic exchange with a Spaniard. Read more…
  • Visa, insurance and health Non-EU citizens (from non-European Union countries) should contact the relevant Spanish Embassy or Consulate for information on the requirements for studying in Spain. Learn more
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