Madrid Silver Premium


Silver Premium

Visit Madrid and learn Spanish while accompanied by experts and hosted in exclusive apartments. Open to seniors, families, couples and friends who want to have an authentic “madrileño” experience.

2 individual Spanish lessons in our facilities placed in a nineteenth century Palace in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Madrid or in emblematic cafés or restaurants.

1 or 2 daily private activities (such as wine tasting, winery visits, museums, walks in nature, gourmet experiences, etc.), with local experts and a program tailor made for you.



Our brain is a powerful tool that can help us accelerate our progress in the learning of languages, if we know how to properly stimulate it. One of the techniques that can help us to do this is called Superlearning, and it is an integral learning method that adapts perfectly to the biological characteristics and capabilities of our brain.

Besides the Superlearning course do you want to book customised activities?



Other Spanish courses

You can choose from almost 40 Spanish courses!