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Intensive and super intensive courses; exams preparation (DELE, Spanish Citizenship). Courses for professionals, groups of students, teachers training programs, etc. Spanish classes with cuisine, cinema, wine tasting, super learning, online and more.

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Spanish via ZOOM with TANDEM teachers, for individuals or groups.


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Spanish courses

Passionate about
people and languages!

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Spanish and a passion

Spanish and a Passion

Combine your Spanish course with amazing cultural activities: art, Almodóvar cinema, gourmet cooking, flamenco, fashion or nightlife.
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English and German courses

TANDEM Madrid offers English and German courses for adults, children, young people and companies. TELC accredited center. Quality training in languages since 1982. Visit our Web site for English and German courses for more information.

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Why is TANDEM school different?

Our goal is to promote language learning by taking a humanistic and holistic approach, and by fostering the understanding and rapport among students from different countries and cultures.

TANDEM is an unique and independent Spanish school, expert and innovative in the teaching of languages, and managed by qualified specialists in the field of education. Since 1982 we help students, professionals and teachers to improve their language skills and their personal growth. TANDEM is socially responsible. We have an equality policy for our employees, and collaborate with NGOs.

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TANDEM’s staff is highly motivated and qualified, stable, and passionate, and they will make you feel the same. Learn and have fun.


We use our 30-year experience in languages with super learning techniques, so you can achieve results in less time.


TANDEM is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes and other institutions, and it is part of Tandem International network.


We love art and culture, so we have combined language courses with gastronomy, wine tasting classes, and more.

Spanish teachers Training

The training of teachers of Spanish as a foreign language (E/LE) has always been one of the main commitments of TANDEM Madrid, since its creation in 1982. We were pioneers in the introduction of communicative and humanistic approaches in Spain, and we collaborated with the Instituto Cervantes in the creation of the Spanish Virtual Classroom.

TANDEM language exchange

TANDEM language exchange

TANDEM language exchanges, created and registered by Tandem International (also called TANDEM Partner), is a method of practicing languages with native people, in couples carefully selected by our staff according your age, background and interests, that can improve your language learning even more quickly. It’s a fun and effective way to learn Spanish and to make friends at the same time.


Spanish courses by video conference: your classroom anywhere

Cursos de español por videoconferencia: tu aula en cualquier lugar

TANDEM Madrid receives the FECEI Top 2019 / 2020 award for Corporate Social Responsibility

TANDEM Madrid recibe el premio FECEI Top 2019 / 2020 a la Responsabilidad Social Corporativa

New Year’s resolution: Learn Spanish in 2020!


TANDEM’s quality seal is validated by our teachers and coordinators team. Come and meet us.

Begoña y Matilde

Begoña Llovet and Matilde Cerrolaza
The Directors

Chief of marketing

Ana Llovet
Head of Marketing

Emil Grapa

Emil Grapa
Customer Services Coordinator

Susana Molina Gomez

Susana Molina Gomez
Head of studies Spanish courses (ELE)


Our staff will help you to choose the right Spanish course in Madrid and plan your trip to Spain

Spanish courses

Passionate about
people and languages!

We have the perfect
Spanish course for you


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