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40 years of passion for languages, the world and people.

At TANDEM, learning Spanish is just part of a great journey, in which YOU are the protagonist, with lifetime experiences.

Feel the energy of the TANDEM spirit in every corner of Madrid, in the classroom, in the varied activities in which you will participate during your stay. Connect with people who, like you, dream of a better world.

Our Spanish Courses in Madrid and Online

Spanish courses for all ages, face-to-face and online. Intensive, extensive and super intensive. Amazing courses combined with culture, travel, and sports. Exams preparation (DELE, CCSE, SIELE, Spanish Citizenship). Special programs for professionals, groups, teachers, and university students.

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We promote the Spanish language through a humanistic and holistic approach to the student and the planet, fostering understanding and rapport between different countries and cultures.

Socially Responsible School

At TANDEM Madrid we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a duty of companies that care about people and the world we live in:
equality, economic justice, the environment, diversity and peace.

TANDEM Partner

A method created and trademarked by TANDEM International for practicing languages with native people, in couples carefully selected by our staff according your age, background and interests.

Why is TANDEM school different?

Our goal is to promote language learning by taking a humanistic and holistic approach, and by fostering an understanding and rapport among students from different countries and cultures.

TANDEM is a unique and independent Spanish school, expert and innovative in the teaching of languages, and managed by qualified specialists in the field of education. Since 1982 we have helped students, professionals and teachers to improve their language skills and their personal growth. TANDEM is socially responsible. We have an equality policy for our employees, and collaborate with NGOs.

TANDEM is located in the “Paisaje de la Luz”, an area of Madrid declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Learn Sspanish in Madrid


TANDEM’s staff is highly motivated and qualified, stable, and passionate, and they will make you feel the same. Learn and have fun.


We use our 40-year experience in languages with super learning techniques, so you can achieve results in less time.


TANDEM is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes and other institutions, and it is part of Tandem International network.


We love art and culture, so we have combined language courses with gastronomy, wine tasting classes, and more.

TANDEM Cultural Program

Arts and museums, gastronomy, sightseeing, nightlife…

with our cultural program you’ll have it all! Combine combine culture and leisure, experiencing Madrid while truly learning Spanish

Summer camps for children and teenagers. 

If you sign up before May 31: free registration.
If you have already participated in a summer program at TANDEM: 15% discount + free registration.

Use the coupon code when booking: CAMPS2024