Extra Spanish conversation lesson

Cultural news, sports, politics and free-time activities…

The extra conversation lesson is a free booster class in Spanish, an hour and a half of extra class which is included in all the Spanish language programs. In the class, students find out about and debate sports, politics, social and cultural issues in Spain and Latin America. They do this using a variety of media resources and social networks, guided by our highly experienced teachers. In order to participate, students must have a minimum level of A2.

Extra conversation lesson

Usually every Wednesday, from 13.30 to 14.45, students can participate in our extra conversation lesson. Teachers have a coffee or tea with the students while debating current affairs and other fun subjects. We also like to visit Spanish media outlets and arrange meetings with journalists and popular bloggers. Subjects such as football, social movements, celebrity culture, Spanish and Latin American politics are all part of this class.

The extra conversation lesson is a fun way to learn or improve your level of Spanish and a comfortable and easy way to find a steady conversation group and make sure you practice Spanish weekly. It is also an efficient way to prepare for an oral Spanish test or gain confidence in your daily use.

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