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Are you planning to study Spanish with TANDEM Madrid? Would you prefer to learn from home at your own pace and without wasting time travelling? Do you live in another city or country, but you want to study with us? Its easy when you learn Spanish online with us.


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Spanish course via Skype

Spanish course via Skype

TANDEM Madrid Skype classes, with course materials produced by our team of teachers, are an indispensable aid for your progress in learning the Spanish language. The aim of our Skype classes is to improve your communication skills in Spanish by practicing what you have worked on during the week in the Virtual Classroom.

No matter if you’re still planning to study in Spain or if you’re already took your course here, with our lessons via Skype you’ll always can be in touch with our country and your former teachers.

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Teacher training course: Aprender con el corazón y la cabeza: enfoque humanista y neuroaprendizaje en la clase de idiomas

Aprender con el corazón y la cabeza: enfoque humanista y neuroaprendizaje en la clase de idiomas

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“Este curso ha sido para mí como ese libro que leemos y nos está gustando y no queremos que termine”.

~Begoña Márquez

“No es cosa fácil conseguir que un curso online, sin contacto personal, muestre tanta “personalidad”. De este curso no solo me llevo un aumento de mis conocimientos sino una transformación emocional personal y por lo tanto ha sido un gran enriquecimiento”.

~Águeda Gutiérrez

“Es un curso diferente de los que he dado. Creo que ha sido una reflexión muy interesante sobre uno mismo. Ya no sólo como profesor sino también como persona”…

~Mikel Gavari

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Free online Spanish lessons

Start learning Spanish right now! With this mini online course for beginners, you can learn comfortably from home at any time. Free Spanish lessons published weekly, with interactive exercises, PDF, audio, video and more! It’s a good option to get some language skills before you start your course in TANDEM Madrid.

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CCSE/ Spanish nationality – test simulation

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