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Do you like Picasso? Tapas? Blue skies? Do you like Goya’s paintings? Nightlife? Being in a multicultural environment? Do you like music? Dancing? Going for a relaxing walk in the mountains? Do you like exploring forgotten corners? Do you like Almodóvar? Fashion and shopping? Do you like sports? Talking to people? Do you like living life to the full?

So you have a lot of reasons to study Spanish in Madrid!

Why Study Spanish in Madrid

Spanish is the second most-spoken language

Between 450 and 500 million people speak it as a first or second language. In addition, with at least 46 million students of Spanish in 90 countries, Spanish is the second most widely studied language in the world after English, and the third most widely used language in the Internet (8.2%). It is expected that 10% of the world’s population will speak Spanish by 2050, with the United States being the first Spanish-speaking country.

Madrid is at the forefront of technology and infrastructure.

It is the headquarters of the main national and international companies and institutions (the Stock Exchange, the Bank of Spain, Central State Administration, the World Tourism Organisation, etc.). Fitur, Arco, SIMO and Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week are just four examples of major world trade fairs that are held in Madrid every year. Excellent facilities including Ifema, the largest exhibition centre in Spain and one of the largest in Europe, the number of hotel rooms and a comprehensive cultural and leisure offering make it possible to organise any event in Madrid.

Madrid, the getaway of Europe.

Philip II first chose Madrid as the capital of Spain because of its privileged location in the centre of the Iberian Peninsula. And when you come to Madrid, you will discover just how easy it is to travel from here to the rest of the country. No Spanish town is more than 8 hours from Madrid, and the AVE high-speed train has made it even easier to travel around the country.

Of the 130,000 students of Spanish who come to Spain every year.

More than 20,000 choose Madrid to improve their knowledge of a language that is becoming essential for all areas. This is in addition to the university students from other parts of Europe on Erasmus and Leonardo programs, who come to Madrid to further their education.

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Madrid and surrounding areas, World Heritage Sites.

The Community of Madrid is divided into 179 municipalities, each with countless attractions for the visitor. Many nearby towns have monuments, palaces or churches that have been listed as World Heritage sites, such as San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Alcalá de Henares and Aranjuez. And on the edge of the Community, just one hour from Madrid, you can visit Toledo, Segovia and Cuenca.

The “Paisaje de la Luz” (Madrid’s Paseo del Prado – Retiro Park axis) has been declared a “World Heritage Site” by UNESCO. TANDEM Madrid is located within this attractive area. So, you will be able to enjoy this wonder from the inside if you come to our school to learn Spanish.

MADRID is multicultural

MADRID is made up of people from the four corners of the globe, bringing with them every culture and every point of view. In Madrid, there is a place for everyone because no one asks where you come from. You can feel the vibrancy of the city in its pace: the streets are always full and it never seems to be getting late. Promotional activities for Madrid focus on the LIFE of the city.

Madrid is pure ART

Just a few metres from one another, the masterpieces of Goya, Velázquez and Picasso welcome visitors to Madrid from every corner of the globe – grand museums and great artists which are an essential chapter in Spain’s art history. Nowadays, not only painters, but also the most avant-garde architects have chosen Madrid as the perfect backdrop for their designs.

Madrid, a city for night owls

When the night falls in Madrid, the impossible becomes possible. Going a whole night without sleeping is a must-do. Madrid has the largest cultural and leisure offering in Europe.

Madrid is an excellent link between Europe and other countries

Thanks to its historical past and its privileged geo-strategic position. Madrid. The business capital and gateway to South America.

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Discover Madrid through videos and 360º images

Monuments, culture, people, nightlife… dozens of selected images from impressive videos tell many stories about Madrid. Time lapses, 360º experiences, drone footages and other formats will give you a taste of living in Madrid.

Resources to study Spanish in Madrid

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