Spanish classes

Our Spanish classes are given in small groups (maximum 10-12 people), in large, bright, air-conditioned and pleasant classrooms where students will work in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. They usually consist of 4 or 6 lessons per day, each lasting 45 minutes, from Monday to Friday, from 09:30 to 13.00 or 15:00 hours, depending on whether it is an intensive or super-intensive course, with different teachers in each block.

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The classes in all courses are entirely in Spanish and are divided into several different segments. The aim of all teachers working at TANDEM is to enable their students to communicate effectively in Spanish.

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The first day of Spanish classes

Welcome Bag

We give you always a Welcome Bag, with useful information about your classes, Madrid map and information about the city. Also we give you with the welcome bag your Student’s book  which is included in the price.

ELE Passport in Spanish teaching

At TANDEM Madrid we use the ELE Passport in Spanish teaching for foreign students, as well as in the teacher training courses at ELE.
A series of books for learning / teaching Spanish as a foreign language written by Begoña Llovet and Matilde Cerrolaza, Directors of TANDEM Madrid, and by Professor Óscar Cerrolaza.

Morning timetable

09.00 Therefore your first day of Spanish classes is our first day as well! The whole team will be waiting for you at the school reception on Monday at 9:00am. Emil will welcome you and will give you a folder with useful information about the school and Madrid and the TANDEM Madrid exercise book.
09.15 Queralt, the Head of Studies of the Spanish Department, will speak with you to assess your oral level and will inform you about your classes.
09.20 Emil will accompany all the new students on a tour of the school and will show them where their classrooms are, as well as other school facilities.
09:30Time to start class! Your teacher will be waiting for you in the classroom to share the marvellous experience of learning Spanish at TANDEM.
10:00The person in charge of marketing will visit each class to tell students about the cultural program of the week. You shouldn’t miss it! It is a key part of your Spanish learning and we have prepared it with great care and dedication.
11:00-11:30 BREAK. We suggest you have a typical Spanish breakfast, like coffee with “churros”, in one of the many cafés near the school.
11:30 Back to class!
13.00 Classes finish. If you have any questions about Spanish classes, accommodation, the cultural programme, etc., you can ask any member of staff. We will be delighted to help you with anything you need.

It’s time to eat and get ready to enjoy Madrid!

Afternoon timetable

  • Low season (January to April) only morning timetable.
  • High season (from May to September) we have rotating schedules every week, for example: some groups will have classes one week in the morning. This schedule will change the following week to the afternoon, so that all students can have “free mornings” and “free afternoons”, every week, and vice versa.
  • The maximum number of students per class is 10, the minimum is 4. If the number of students per class is less than 4, the school will reduce the number of classes to half of the total.

Please check our complete list of Spanish courses.

Ready to study Spanish in Madrid?

Contact us for a personal counselling. Our staff will help you to find the perfect Spanish course.

Summer camps for children and teenagers. 

If you sign up before May 31: free registration.
If you have already participated in a summer program at TANDEM: 15% discount + free registration.

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