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Today, TANDEM Escuela Internacional Madrid is one of the most prestigious training centres in Spain. And we say “training centre” because we are much more than just a language school: we train teachers, have agreements with universities, organise internships in companies, coordinate European Union Projects, participate in multimedia activities, write books and manuals, give talks and create cultural programs.

By becoming a Tandem agent you’ll be part of a dynamic and creative team, offering unique experiences to your clients.

And all of this work has been rewarded with recognition by major national and international institutions.


In the field of Spanish:

In terms of the total number of students who study with us each year, we estimate that around 400 of these are German-speaking, 300 are Italian and 200 are English speakers, in addition to dozens of – mainl y- Chinese, Korean and Arabic students. This is in addition to the 3,000 hours of class given to expatriate students in multinational companies based in Madrid.

Furthermore, we work closely with institutions such as Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft, the Arbeit und Leben trade union foundation, and different Volkshochschulen, among others. Since 1987, we have given 50 seminars specifically for teachers of Spanish working in Germany within the framework of the LINGUA and SOCRATES European programs.

In the field of German:

We have approximately 2,000 students a year on extensive, intensive and specialised courses, in addition to numerous corporate clients to whom we provide more than 7,000 hours of class a year.

Each year, we send approximately 200 people to Germany on summer courses and award 15 scholarships to students in our centre.

Since 1982, we have paired off 2,500 TANDEM partners, that is to say, we have put at least 1,250 Spaniards in contact with 1,250 Germans for conversation exchange.

And last but not least, our German department for children is constantly growing, with approximately 350 children aged 7 to 14 each academic year.


  • TANDEM Escuela Internacional Madrid works every day with hundreds of agents around the world.

  • Your customers can be sure that they are studying Spanish at one of the world’s most prestigious and top quality schools.

  • Working with a school on the design and creation of attractive and innovatively-designed materials that will create an impact on your potential customers.


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