Intensive course

<span>United Kingdom, <span>intensive course</span></span>
"As a former student, I am delighted to recommend TANDEM Escuela Internacional Madrid. I spent a total of eight weeks last year attending the school to improve and advance my Spanish. I found TANDEM’s teaching techniques and methodology impresive"
Maggie McCune United Kingdom, intensive course

<span>United Kingdom, <span>intensive course+ internship</span></span>
"All in all, TANDEM Madrid can only be described as an open, inspiring and intellectual place where teachers really care about not only you improving your Spanish but also your knowledge of Madrid as a place in itself, and that aim goes beyond the classroom."
Juliette Boury United Kingdom, intensive course+ internship

<span>United Kingdom, <span>intensive course + internship</span></span>
"Learning Spanish in Madrid with Tandem is an experience quite unlike any other; there´s no better place to experience the culture and speak the language than in the capital of Spain itself!"
Lara Davies United Kingdom, intensive course + internship

University Programs

<span>United States,<span>University Program: Academic Semester</span></span>
"My experience in TANDEM was fantastic. After four months in TANDEM, my Spanish has improved a lot and now I am comfortable speaking Spanish. I recommend TANDEM to anyone who wants to learn Spanish very quickly in a very comfortable and pleasant atmosphere."
Branden Ladebush United States,University Program: Academic Semester


"Before receiving the scholarship, I had the dream of studying at a Spanish university. My teachers told me that it would be very difficult for me. However, TANDEM helped me to recover my enthusiasm. TANDEM is like a family and I am so glad that I had the chance to be part of it."
Sara Erdos Scholarship

Spanish group program

<span>United Kingdom,<span>Spanish group program</span></span>
"Overall we had a most enjoyable stay, improved our Spanish beyond all recognition and can’t wait to go back. Many thanks to all the staff at Tandem for making our stay such a success."
Manchester Grammar School United Kingdom,Spanish group program

<span>United Kingdom, <span>Spanish Group Program</span></span>
"Tandem organised a fun, engaging and extremely beneficial week for us in Madrid, with activities and experiences we won’t forget in a hurry. On behalf of the Manchester Grammar School and all the boys who came on the trip, we’d like to say a huge thank you for such an enjoyable, worthwhile stay. Full Testimonial"
Thom Harris United Kingdom, Spanish Group Program

Teachers training

<span>Practical experience for teachers</span>
"These two weeks have helped me to realize that I do want to try teaching Spanish. A diploma is not enough, the self sufficiency either. You have to be at the place, work day by day and start enjoying. TANDEM is a perfect center for this."
José Ramón Huidobro Practical experience for teachers

Testimonials in videos

Testimonial: Eliza Guinness, USA

Testimonial: Elodie, France

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