Popular Madrid districts for visitors

El Rastro Madrid

Madrid is indisputably one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It might be difficult for tourists to decide what Madrid districts to visit because there are so many great places that the city has to offer. Some of these places remain unknown, because most attractions are close to the city center. In the city’s downtown we have the most important theaters, museums (such as Prado, Reina Sofia or Thyssen) or monuments, like the Plaza Mayor, Cibeles or the royal palace (actually in Austrias district, but very close to the center. Madrid’s city center area has good hotels at reasonable prices, and it also has some of the highest rating hotel reviews. It’s one of the reasons why most people choose to stay here.

Starting at Puerta del Sol, the heart of Madrid’s center, there are some standout districts that many visitors choose, as they’re just a few minutes away walking. One of those district is La Latina, that starts behind Plaza Mayor. If you are the kind of person that love to go out and have an excellent wine and “tapas”, then you should check out La Latina. The two main streets are lined up with bars and legendary restaurants such as Casa Lucio. There are many venues where you can enjoy good music while drinking good beer. The most popular in this neighborhood is probably the Plaza de La Cebada. The summer in La Latina is a must see. During that time, there are free outdoor concerts, competitions, which is a traditional dance of Madrid, parades, and big celebrations at bars.

Another great district is Chueca, only 10 minutes walking from Puerta del Sol. It has some of the best squares, shops, and cosmopolitan personality. If you are a fashionable at heart, then you’ll probably love to go shopping in one of the stores in Chueca. Some of their shops sell all of the latest trendy fashion. It is also home to San Anton Market, an interesting place with good food and typical Spanish products. This district is also famous for its intense nightlife, with different bars and discos for many different types of people.

Lavapies is most known for being a multicultural and alternative neighborhood. You can experience the mixture of many different cultures in this area, with people from all continents. If you are the kind of person that do not enjoy the big party scenes but still like to go out, then this is the place for you. This district is known to have a vivid but intimate night life. Since there are so many different cultures that live in one district, you can enjoy a multicultural shopping experience. There are independent stores and the biggest flea market in Madrid, “El Rastro”, where you can find from the most common to the most exotic stuff to buy.

If you plan to take a trip to Madrid, these are some of the top districts that are worth checking out. If you don’t have enough time, they’re good alternatives. However, Madrid is full of surprises and secret places where is worth to “get lost”, with parks, churches, monuments, museums and – what is most important – amazing little details everywhere that remain unknown for the majority of people. They are fascinating details for us at TANDEM, what inspired us to create the Spanish and a Passion for “Cool” Madrid Neighborhoods course. We try revisit some of the most popular districts mentioned here, but with a keen eye to perceive these details that are hidden treasures that many visitors would love to discover.

So when you are ready to take your trip, these areas will be probably at the top of your list. These districts are beautiful and have their on unique things that make them special. No matter if you have more or less time to to visit Madrid, you should always pay attention to details, because they are one of the most surprising things you’ll find here.


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