Preparation course for the DELE A2 Exam

Preparation course for the DELE A2 Exam

Preparation course for the DELE A2 Exam

If you already have an A1 / A2 level but wish to prepare yourself to successfully pass the DELE A2 exam, we offer you a very practical course with exam simulations and specific preparative content.

Passing the exam constitutes a mandatory requirement to obtain the Spanish citizenship/ nationality, as stipulated by law, together with the CCSE exam.

The DELE A2 diploma certifies that the candidate is capable of understanding sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of most immediate relevance (e.g. very basic personal and family information, shopping, local geography, employment, etc.).

The DELE A2 exam consists of different test areas, which are organized in two groups:

  • Group 1 (reading-writing skills): text comprehension (60 minutes) as well as written expression and interaction (50 minutes).
  • Group 2 (oral skills): listening comprehension (35 minutes) as well as oral expression and interaction (15 minutes).To pass the exam, it’s necessary to obtain the qualification “apt” in each of the exam areas you are presented with in one and the same exam.

The maximum exam score to be obtained is 100 points, and it’s necessary to reach at least 30 points in each of the groups in order to achieve the global qualification “apt”.

The final qualification is APT or NOT APT.

TANDEM MADRID is an official Enrollment Center for DELE exams. If you want to take your DELE exam in Spain, you can enroll directly on the official website:

For further information regarding the DELE exams, please visit the website of the Cervantes Institute about Spanish DELE exams.

View the complete information about the DELE A2 exam preparation course in our Examination Centre.

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