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Reception of Generator Madrid

Generator Madrid has an excellent location in the center of Madrid, in the street San Bernardo corner with street Silva. Its unique location, really close to the always vivid street Gran VÍa of Madrid, will allow you to admire the most touristic and cultural attractions of the city (monuments, art galleries, cultural centers, theaters, cinemas, etc.), go shopping in the shopping areas of Madrid (which are one step away from Generator Madrid) and enjoy the many restaurants and pubs that you will find in the area.

Location map of Hostel Generator Madrid

If you usually prefer to avoid public transport, Generator Madrid is a good option for you as here you will be able to enjoy getting to know almost the whole city by foot and walking to your language classes in TANDEM if you wish to.

Thanks to its modern and cozy facilities, staying in Generator Madrid feels just like home, with a reception desk that opens 24 hours a day and free Wi-Fi connection. Furthermore, you will be able to ask for information about trips and visits around Madrid and have a drink in its bar or cafeteria. If you are a woman, you will be able to request a room just for women.

Room types

Room for 4 people

Quadruple room, Generator Madrid

From 14€ per person*

Our rooms for 4 people in Generator Madrid can accommodate from one to four hosts in the same room thanks to its bunk beds, which have been designed with a panel so that we can assure your privacy while you sleep.

In order for you to keep your personal belongings safe and avoid unnecessary trouble during your stay in Madrid, we offer wide spaces inside your room where you will be able to keep your most precious belongings under lock and key.

Room for 2

Room for 2, Generator Madrid

From 49€ per room*

If you prefer to have a more private room, Generator Madrid offers the chance to stay in rooms for 2 people, which take from one to two hosts.

These rooms with two single beds are the ideal for rest for those who travel alone or with a special someone. Moreover, these rooms have full-length mirrors so that you can see your whole body.

Room for 8 people

Room with 8 beds, Generator Madrid

From 11€ per person*

In Generator Madrid we have rooms to accommodate from one to eight people. Our rooms with four bunk beds are perfect for people that like to make friends and don’t care about sharing their space with many people.

These rooms have privacy panels so that you can disconnect from the rest of the hosts and rest after a long day visiting the city. You will also have the chance to talk with the rest of the hosts that stay in your room.

Family room

Family room, Generator Madrid

From 72€ per room*

Our family rooms in Generator Madrid are very flexible so that they can accommodate from one to four people, combining its bunk bed where two people can rest and two single beds for two more people.

This is the ideal option for groups of friends of four people, big families or people that travel alone and want to have a lot of space while they do it.

Included services in all our rooms
  • Private bathroom: forget about having to go to the corridor to go to the bathroom. In every one of our rooms, both single and shared rooms, the bathroom is integrated inside the room.
  • Sockets: charging your phone, laptop or camera will be really easy as all the rooms are equipped with frontal panels with sockets. However, you need to consider that the sockets are European so you might need a plug adapter for your devices.
  • Reading lamps: if you enjoy reading at night then you are lucky because every bed has a LED lamp so that you can spend part of the night reading.
  • Towels: all our private rooms (family rooms and rooms for 2) include towels, but in shared rooms (rooms for 4 or 8) towels might be considered as an extra.

*The prices of the rooms are not fixed. They might change depending on many factors such as the time of the year or room availability. If you want to know the exact price, please contact us.

Please check also our other types of accommodation to study Spanish in Madrid.

Spanish course reservation, partnership with

**Please take into account the start dates and bank holidays, which you will find in General Conditions.

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30% off on intensive Spanish courses

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**Please take into account the start dates and bank holidays, which you will find in General Conditions.

Offer June 2018

Book your intensive Spanish course for two weeks or more and benefit from a 30% discount on your Spanish course regular fee for June and August of 2018.


  • Valid reservations until 30 June 2018
  • Valid for intensive courses Super Intensive courses and Combined courses of two weeks or more in June, July and August 2018.
  • Registration fee (€50) not included in the promotion

Personal Information


My billing information is different from my personal information


(in alphabetical order)
Duration of Course:

*if you're not sure, you can take our free online test now.

Accommodation Information

I want to book an accommodation during my course

Airport Transfer Details

I want to be picked up at the airport

Travel insurance

I want to hire a travel insurance during my stay

Other Information

I want to receive the newsletter of Tandem Madrid

I want to be contacted by a course counselor for information about Spanish courses

I have read and agree to the processing of my personal data under the indicated conditions

To take the level A2 DELE or B2 DELE exam at TANDEM Madrid:

Inscriptions for A2 and B2 DELE must be done via the internet, using the website of CCSE ( In the site’s search engine simply type Madrid and look for our centre FEDELE/TANDEM ESCUELA INTERNACIONAL MADRID, then select the exam DELE A2 or B2 and the date that you would like.

For all other DELE levels

DELE exam inscriptions of any level (except for DELE level A2 and level B2) must be done online through the FEDELE website ( Enter Madrid in the website’s search engine and search for our centre FEDELE/TANDEM ESCUELA INTERNACIONAL MADRID, then select the DELE exam level and date that you would like.

Candidates should present the following documentation:

  • The original AND a photocopy of their passport or an officially recognised photo identity document with a clearly recognisable photographic image where the first name, family name, nationality, place and date of birth are given. The information provided by the candidate in the application form must correspond exactly with that of the information included in the identity document provided.
  • Documentation showing proof of payment for exam inscription.
  • Application form for DELE inscription correctly completed.

More details at:

TANDEM MADRID is an examination centre for the Cervantes Institute of the DELE exam A2 and DELE exam B2, we also have DELE exam preparation courses for all other levels.


C/ Marqués de Cubas nº 8. 28014

[email protected]

+34 91 5322715

Exam inscription prices (Cervantes Institute):

DELE Level Price of Inscription (in euros)
A1 School students 108€
A1 108€
A2 124€
A2-B1 School students 160€
B1 160€
B2 188€
C1 197€
C2 207€

More information at:

Need help?

Contact us for a personal counselling. Our staff will help you to find the perfect course for you.

TANDEM MADRID is a centre specialised in preparing its students so that they can successfully pass the DELE exam. We have an exam pass rate of 98%.

Face to face preparation classes for the DELE exam.

Courses can be 1 to 1 or in a group, or a combination of both. Classes are 45 minutes long.


DELE preparation course for individual students (1 to 1) General Intensive Course + individual classes (1 to 1) for DELE preparation Afternoon DELE preparation course
Course Duration 2 or 4 weeks before the exam with a minimum of 5 classes of 90 minutes 2 or 4 weeks before the exam 8 or 12 weeks before the exam
Price 380€ (5 classes of

90 minutes)

1 week: 510€

2 weeks: 975€

8 weeks: 225€

12 weeks: 330€

Enrolment fee 50 € 50 € 30 €
Number of hours 5 classes of 90 minutes 20 lessons of 45 minutes per week in a group class + 5 individual (1to1) classes of 90 minutes 3 hours/week. One or two days per week

For all courses:

  • All levels
  • Course certificate reflecting level attained

DELE preparation course via Skype

For both residents in Spain or in other countries who already have a basic or higher level of the Spanish language, our DELE preparation course via Skype is the most comfortable way to prepare for this exam. All you need to enroll on a course is a computer or tablet with an internet connection. No fixed timetable and no need to travel.

Every week, your tutor will send you 2 DELE format tests by email. In addition, every week you will have a 45-minute tutorial via Skype where you can resolve your doubts with your tutor. You will also develop strategies to pass the exam successfully as well as rehearsing the oral exam.

Prices for Spanish Classes via Skype
Number of classes Price (Euros)
1 – 10 classes 36 €
+10 classes 32 €

Need help?

Contact us for a personal counselling. Our staff will help you to find the perfect course for you.

Job and internships opportunities in Madrid

On this page you will find job opportunities offered by partner companies of TANDEM Madrid. You can register through our Spanish Course with Internship in Madrid.

Internship offers in companies

Administrative Assistant

North American company in the education industry, is looking for interns for its headquarters in Madrid, to perform different administrative and commercial tasks.

MONDAY – THURSDAY (7-hour work with a 1-hour break)
10:00-13:00 Collaboration with educational programs in Spain
13:00-14:00 BREAK
14:00-17:00 Collaboration with educational programs in Spain
FRIDAY (5-hour work)
10:00-15:00 Collaboration with educational programs in Spain
  • Program start: April 23, 2018 or May 1, 2018
  • Program end: August 31, 2018 or September 28, other dates available.
  • Weekly working hours: 33
  • Holidays: local and national holidays and from 23 July to 3 August – Return to the office on 6 August
  • Work place: Madrid center.
  • Languages: English and Spanish level B2
  • How to register: Booking the Spanish Course with Internship in Madrid

Online Marketing Assistant

Internet services consultancy based in Madrid capital offers internships in digital marketing and business development. During the internship, the candidate will have the opportunity to acquire and put into practice knowledge in most areas of online marketing, including:

  • Basic and advanced concepts of online marketing
  • Web Analytics and associated technologies (Google Analytics, Tag Manager, etc)
  • Market research and competition analysis
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Programs and services for website optimization (Webmaster Tools, SEO Power Suite, etc)
  • Content marketing and translation
  • Link building and external promotion
  • Social Network Management (SMM)
  • Basic principles of Web design (HTML, CSS, WordPress and Bootstrap)
  • Advertising in search engines (Search Engine Marketing – SEM) and social networks: Adwords, Facebook ads, Bing Ads, etc
  • Commercial prospecting and Customer Management (CRM)
  • Maintenance and implementation of affiliate programs


  • Duration: 3 to 6 months (depending on the agreement with the school).
  • Working week: 37 hours/ week
  • Working hours: Flexible. Interns can manage their own working hours as they wish within office hours, 9:00am and 9:00pm, Monday to Friday
  • Languages: English and basic Spanish. Other languages will be a plus.
  • How to register: Booking the Spanish Course with Internship in Madrid

Web Development and Systems Administration

Internet services consultancy based in Madrid capital, offers internships in collaboration with TANDEM Madrid in Web development and computer systems administration. Depending on the background, interests and skills of each candidate, the program can cover any of the following tasks.

  • Web Development in PHP and JavaSCript (front and back office).
  • Design, creation and management of MySQL databases and SQL language.
  • API (Application Program Interfaces) integration with PHP and JavaScript
  • Implementation of Web Content Management Software (CMS): WordPress, Drupal, Joomla.
  • Web Design in HTML and CSS.
  • Management of domain names and DNS.
  • Implementation of SSL digital certificates and CDNs.
  • Technical implementation of tasks for search engine positioning (SEO).
  • Email server management.
  • Installation, configuration and management of server control panels (Plesk, cPanel, Vesta).
  • Implementation of Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) and integration with Web platforms.
  • Implementation of online payment gateways (bank, Paypal, Stripe)
  • Administration of Linux Web servers and shared hosting.


  • Duration: 3 to 6 months (depending on the agreement with the school).
  • Working week: 37 hours/ week
  • Working hours: Flexible. Interns can manage their own working hours as they wish within office hours, 9:00am and 9:00pm, Monday to Friday
  • Languages: English and basic Spanish.
  • How to register: Booking the Spanish Course with Internship in Madrid
SIELE exam date

TANDEM Madrid organizes SIELE Global exams every working Friday of the year. The timetable for the SIELE Global exams is from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. and from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

TANDEM Escuela Internacional Madrid

C/Marqués de Cubas 8

28014 – Madrid

Tel. +34 91 5322715

What are the SIELE tests like?

Test 1. Reading comprehension

This test is composed of 5 tasks with a total of 38 questions. The candidate must read various texts of different levels of complexity and answer questions about them. There is a time limit of 60 minutes to complete the test. The test is corrected automatically and immediately, with a maximum of 250 points.

Test 2. Listening comprehension

There are 6 tasks in this test with a total of 38 questions.The candidate must listen to a variety of different recordings (conversations, conferences etc.) with different levels of complexity and then answer questions about the recordings. The maximum time to complete the test is 55 minutes. Correction is automatic and immediate with a possible maximum of 250 points.

Test 3. Written interaction and expression

This test consists of 2 tasks where the candidate must write two texts according to the instructions and texts provided. The test lasts for a maximum of 50 minutes and is worth a total of 250 points. The content of the test is copied and later evaluated by expert examiners at SIELE.

Test 4. Oral interaction and expression

There are a total of 5 tasks in this test. You will listen to a variety of questions which are recorded. You must also give two spoken presentations. The maximum time to complete the test is 15 minutes, with a total value of 250 points. The contents of this test are recorded and subsequently evaluated by expert examiners at SIELE.

More information:

Exam inscription

This is a small step by step guide for the registration in the SIELE exam. To begin the process, please visit the following website:

1. Choose the exam which you would like to take.

Registro SIELE 1

2. Select the country where you want to take the exam. Click on “comprar”

Registro SIELE 3

3. Choose the city, the date and the exam centre where you want to take the exam. In “Localidad”, select Madrid.

Registro SIELE 4

4. Search for TANDEM Escuela Internacional Madrid and choose the day and the time when you want to do the exam.

Registro SIELE 5

5. Complete the payment and add your personal details.

Registro SIELE 6

Now you are registered to take the SIELE exam! We are waiting for you. 


Exam Price (Euros)
SIELE Global 155 €
SIELE S1 55 €
SIELE S2 75 €
SIELE S3 100 €
SIELE S4 75 €

Need help?

Contact us for a personal counselling. Our staff will help you to find the perfect course for you.

Spanish Courses in Madrid

Intensive Spanish courses

Spanish Courses for Groups

Spanish for exams

Special Spanish courses

Junior Summer Courses

Spanish for professionals

Extensive Spanish Courses

Spanish Teachers Training

Courses “Spanish and a passion”

Examination centre


Spanish School in Madrid: about TANDEM

Useful Information

TANDEM Language Exchange in Madrid: Practice Conversational Spanish

TANDEM Cultural Program

Travel Services: Airport transfers and health insurance

  • HOSPIQUALITY: Medical services for non-EU nationals
  • Official Certification: SIELE

Experience Madrid

Discover Madrid through videos and 360º images

Travel Madrid in a Minute - Aerial Drone

View the magic of Madrid with this cool drone video from Expedia. See the capital of Spain from above, weave through its attractions and get a taste of what a holiday in Madrid will bring you.

Madrid Tourism. Madrid in 3 minutes

A walk in Madrid: by train, plane, car or on foot you can discover amazing tourist places: Aranjuez, Puerta del Sol, Puerta de Alcalá, Prado museum…

Let's Go! Madrid - FITUR 2016

Video of the Community of Madrid for the 36th Edition of the International Tourism Fair.

Madrid, a beautiful life!

Video of the Community of Madrid in Fitur 2017. Welcome to Madrid, the great main square of Spain. A beautiful life!

Made in Madrid, Made in Spain

Madrid shows its attractions to 1.3 million British Airways travellers. Urban spaces, nature, culture, nightlife and many other things you can find in this exciting world-renowned city.

Madrid. A way of life: among friends

Madrid is the ideal place to enjoy with friends, along a broad avenue or beside the river. New green spaces and pedestrian areas in the heart of the city make Madrid even friendlier.

Things to do in Madrid

Mascaradas Carnaval 2017 / IV Centenary Plaza Mayor

The Plaza Mayor was transformed into a great masked ball with which to celebrate its IV Centenary in full Carnival. Costumes, jokes, music, good humor and much dancing brightened the afternoon.

Flamenco in Madrid

Have fun by learning and dancing flamenco in the capital of Spain. Madrid offers flamenco shows almost every day of the year, some with the most famous flamenco artists. ¡Olé!

Flamenco in Madrid

This video, a flamenco version of the classic chotis “Madrid” that covers all corners of Madrid, has been awarded first prize in the category of cultural tourism films and the Grand Prix ART & TUR 2017, the festival’s most important prize for the best film.

Five museums, another madrid

Five museums have joined forces with the desire to promote and promote an alternative cultural route in the city of Madrid, through various initiatives and activities that seek to offer visitors a different cultural experience.

Madrid in 360º

To get a real immersive experience, use virtual reality glasses (VR). If you do not have them, click with the mouse (or use the W, A, S and D keys) to move through the recording.

360º Plaza Mayor

Discover the Plaza Mayor, our most famous square with this 360º video. Look around and see how heart of Madrid.

360º Debod Temple

One of the surprises that you’ll encounter in Madrid: this is an Egyptian temple of the second century before Christ.

360º Faro de Moncloa

Enjoy the fantastic views offered from our viewpoint with this 360º video.

360º Changing of the Guard - Palacio Real

The Changing of the Guard at Palacio Real is one of the great tourist attractions of Madrid. Discover it with this video!

360º Almudena Cathedral

Experience the explanation of the Almudena, and contemplate the cathedral with this video.

360º Plaza de Callao

Discover Plaza de Callao, one of the most popular squares in our city.

Do you like Madrid, culture and tourism?

"Spanish and a Passion" courses

Combine your Spanish courses with exclusive sightseeing, flamenco classes, visits to museums, gastronomy experiences and more.

Images of the TANDEM Cultural Program

Pictures of TANDEM and Madrid - Collage

More pictures!

View other pictures of TANDEM Madrid, our classes, the city of Madrid and its surroundings.

View pictures

Ready to study Spanish in Madrid?

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Images of Madrid: attractions, places, culture

Places near Madrid

Pictures of TANDEM and Madrid - Collage

More pictures!

View other pictures of TANDEM Madrid, our courses, accommodations and cultural activities.

View pictures

Ready to study Spanish in Madrid?

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Spanish Classes

Teachers training

Spanish group program

Junior Programs

Pictures of TANDEM and Madrid - Collage

More pictures!

View other pictures of TANDEM Madrid, our cultural program, the city of Madrid and its surroundings.

View pictures

Ready to study Spanish in Madrid?

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TANDEM Madrid facilities


The teachers of TANDEM Madrid

TANDEM Language Exchange: our distinguishing mark

Pictures of TANDEM and Madrid - Collage

More pictures!

View other pictures of our courses, cultural activities, the city of Madrid and surroundings.

View pictures

Ready to study Spanish in Madrid?

Contact us for a personal counselling. Our staff will help you to find the perfect Spanish course.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. For this reason, we have created this small section with images of culture, learning, fun, wonderful places and, of course, about the TANDEM school. So you can discover, in a million words, everything you can experience when you study Spanish in Madrid with us.

The school

  • 2nd floor, TANDEM Madrid Facilities

    TANDEM Madrid in images

    Learn a little more about our facilities, our team and our teachers.

    View pictures

The classes

  • Spanish for ELE teachers

    Spanish Classes at TANDEM Madrid

    Discover how our Spanish classes are.

    View pictures

TANDEM Cultural Program

  • Spanish and a Passion for Art

    Images of our cultural program

    Exclusive cultural activities in Madrid for our students of Spanish.

    View pictures

Love Madrid!

  • Pictures of Madrid, Spain

    Madrid in images

    A small sample of all that this impressive city has to offer.

    View pictures

Virtual tour: inside TANDEM Madrid

Ready to study Spanish in Madrid?

Contact us for a personal counselling. Our staff will help you to find the perfect Spanish course.

Cultural Program

Activities Prices per person Price 2 people together
Price per person. Tickets not included. Without delays for anticipated bookings.
Private guided tours to museums
Museo del Prado (2H) 75 € 65 €
Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza (2H) 75 € 65 €
Museo Reina Sofía (2H) 75 € 65 €
Museo Arqueológico Nacional (2H) 75 € 65 €
Museo Romántico (1H) 75 € 65 €
Museo Madrid (1H) 75 € 65 €
Museo Lázaro Galdiano (1H) 75 € 65 €
Museo Sorolla (1H) 75 € 65 €
Casa de América (1H) 75 € 65 €
Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas (1H) 75 € 65 €
Palacio Real (2H) 75 € 65 €
Plaza de toros monumental de Las Ventas (1H) 75 € 65 €
Flamenco classes (60 minutes)
1 Class 50 €
5 Classes 250 €
Salsa classes (60 minutes)
1 Class 25 €
4 Classes 80 €
1 Class couples 40 €
4 Classes couples 150 €
Spanish guitar lessons (60 minutes)
1 Class 50 €
5 Classes 250 €
cultural centres (2 hours)
La Casa Encendida 45 € 40 €
CaixaForum Madrid 45 € 40 €
El círculo de Bellas Artes 45 € 40 €
Conde Duque 45 € 40 €
Matadero Madrid 45 € 40 €
Excursions (5 hours)
Excursion, price per person, all inclusive except meals. Restaurant reservation, if required.
Excursion to El Escorial (minimum 2 persons) 150 €
Excursion to Alcalá de Henares (minimum 2 persons) 150 €
Excursion to Aranjuez 150 €
Excursion to Segovia (minimum 2 persons) 150 €
Excursion to Toledo (minimum 2 persons) 150 €
Tours in the Madrid area (2 hours)
Does not include transportation to the neighborhood if needed.
La Latina 50 € 45 €
Lavapiés y las Corralas 50 € 45 €
Chamberí 50 € 45 €
Los Austrias 50 € 45 €
Los Borbones 50 € 45 €
Barrio de Salamanca 50 € 45 €
Chueca 50 € 45 €
Gran Vía 50 € 45 €
Cinema Madrid: Almodóvars Madrid 50 € 45 €
Mysteries and secrets of Madrid 50 € 45 €
Paseo del Arte 50 € 45 €
Malasaña 50 € 45 €
El Madrid de las Letras 50 € 45 €
El Madrid Moderno: Castellana 50 € 45 €
Tours to the Parks of Madrid
Jardin Botánico 45 € 40 €
Jardines de Sabatini 45 € 40 €
Secretos del Parque del Retiro 45 € 40 €
Madrid markets with drinks and tapas (2 hours)
It does not include the price of products or tapas at the venue, it is at the customer’s expense.
Mercado de San Miguel 65 € 55 €
Mercado de San Antón 65 € 55 €
Platea Madrid 65 € 55 €
Mercado de Moncloa 65 € 55 €

Tour guide Spanish food and wine (3 hours)

Visit gourmet centres, wine and jam advice, etc…

150 €

Extra hour 50 €

Customer-specific activities
Personal Shopper (4 hours) 160 €/hour


Selection of Spanish and foreign shops and brands according to your lifestyle

300 €
Wine tastings (3 hours) 70 €
Lunch with a teacher (2 hours) 70 €

Not sure about which course to choose?

Contact us for a personal counselling. Our staff will help you to find the perfect course for you.

Video Testimonials

Testimonial: Eliza Guinness, USA

Testimonial: Elodie, France

Testimonial: Martina, Italy

Testimonial: Lisa, France

Testimonial: Sara Erdos, Hungary

Testimonial: Hanna Turk, USA

Testimonial: London teachers

Testimonial: Martina and Mattia

What do you like most about TANDEM?

Our students visiting Mallorca

Studying with TANDEM Madrid is priceless. More than Spanish courses, we offer unique experiences that also represent an excellent investment in your career and your personal growth.

We offer great added value services, so that you can enjoy your stay in Madrid with total comfort and make the most of your learning.

The prices below are just a reference, so you can get an idea of how much your trip will cost approximately. We invite you to visit the pages of the courses that you are interested in and ask for a custom budget.

Course Duration Price
Spanish + TEFL Course NEW From 4 weeks From 1.275 €
Spanish & Football Camp Real Madrid NEW From 2 weeks From 1.750 €
Intensive Spanish Course From 1 week From 215 € / week
Combined Spanish Courses From 1 week From 595 € / week
Long-term Course From 8 weeks From 1.440 €
Gap Year + DELE/ SIELE Exam preparation course NEW From 12 weeks From 3.480 €
Spanish Course for Au pairs and Erasmus From 4 weeks From 115 €
Spanish evening course From 4 weeks From 115 €
Weekend course: Friday or Saturday From 4 weeks From 115 €
Summer Junior Spanish Program in Madrid From 2 weeks From 1.390 €
Summer Junior Spanish Course in El Escorial From 2 weeks From 1.300 €
Private Spanish Classes (one-to-one) From 1 lesson From 38 €
Extensive Business Spanish Course From 6 weeks From 280 €
Intensive Business Spanish Course From 1 week From 510 €
Spanish Course and Internship in Madrid 4 weeks 1.150 €
DELE Exam Preparation (1 to 1) 5 clases of 90 min. From 380 €
DELE Exam Preparation (intensive course + individual clases) From 1 week From 510 €
DELE Exam Preparation (Afternoon clases) From 8 weeks From 225 €
Spanish and a Passion for Gourmet Cooking From 1 week From 595 € / week
Spanish and a Passion for Art From 1 week From 375 € / week
Spanish and a Passion for Small Museums From 1 week From 380 € / week
Spanish and a Passion for Wine From 1 week From 495 € / week
Spanish and a Passion for Flamenco From 1 week From 490 € / week
Spanish and a Passion for Almodovar Cinema From 1 week From 380 € / week
Spanish and a Passion for Cool Madrid Neighbourhoods From 1 week From 415 € / week
Super Learning Spanish Course From 1 week From 760 € / week
Spanish for ELE teachers (extensive) 110 classes 990 €
ELE Introductory Course (intensive) 60 clases 520 €
Individual ELE training 30 lessons 555 €
Tutorials and Practical Experience for Teachers 2 weeks 390 €
Spanish via Skype From 1 lesson From 36 € / lesson
Standard Group Spanish Course Tailor-made Tailor-made
Spanish Cities Program Tailor-made Tailor-made
Immersion Spanish Course in Madrid Tailor-made Tailor-made
Training for Companies Tailor-made Tailor-made
Tailor-Made Group Course Tailor-made Tailor-made
Spanish Course travelling by Spain Tailor-made Tailor-made

View Spanish courses

Accommodation Min. Stay Single Room Double Room Supplement
Host family, breakfast 1 week 185 €/ week 164 € / week
Host family, Half board 1 week 237 €/ week 206 € / week
Host family, full board 1 week 268 €/ week 247 € / week
Host family Plus (Private bathroom), breakfast 1 week 274 € / week 237 € / week
Host family Plus (Private bathroom), Half board 1 week 321 € / week 284 € / week
Host family Plus (Private bathroom), full board 1 week 347 € / week 312 € / week
Private apartment (studio) 1 night From 77 €/ night 2nd person: 20 €/ night
Private apartment (apartment A) 1 night From 82 €/ night 2nd person: 20 €/ night
Shared flat 1 week 195 € / week 150 € / week
TANDEM students residence 1 night From 50 € / night From 64 € / night
TANDEM’s summer university residence, breakfast 1 night 40 € / night Special diets: 26 €/week

Accompanying minors two ways:

75 €/week

TANDEM’s summer university residence, half board 1 night 43 € / night Special diets: 26 €/ week

Accompanying minors two ways:

75 €/week

TANDEM’s summer university residence, full board 1 night 46 € / night Special diets: 26 €/ week

Accompanying minors two ways:

75 €/week

Hotel *** 1 night From 80 € / night

All accommodation

Need help choosing your course or accommodation?

Contact us for a personal counselling. Our staff will help you to find the perfect Spanish course and accommodation.

Please click on "Pay with card" below to make your payment via We never store your credit card information, it will be sent directly to via secure connection.

Welfare Form

TANDEM Madrid requires parents or guardians to complete this Welfare Form for the safety of all our students under 18. It is very important that we know about everything that might affect the health of our students, as well as other informations to be considered in the event of a problem.
Please submit this form just after you’ve completed the booking (either via Website or email), so we can organize any dieultimatary requirements or anything else which may have an effect on the student’s well-being at our school, such as previous illnesses or injuries.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Customer Satisfaction Policy

At TANDEM MADRID we work to achieve the complete customer satisfaction. However, unforeseen problems might happen, and we are committed to follow up all concerns from our students to solve any eventual problems the best we can.

Making a complaint to TANDEM Madrid

If you have a complaint either with the school in general or with any service we provide, please let us know. We’ll always treat your complaints seriously.
Steps to submit a complaint to TANDEM Madrid:

Go to reception or the marketing Coordinator, Mrs. Ana Llovet and explain your complaint.

We will do our best to answer you quickly and we may be able to solve your issue immediately. If it is not possible, we will normally arrange a time and a place on the same day to discuss the problem further and find a solution with you.

We could attend you in several languages, but If your Spanish or English level is not high, try to get help from someone who can help you with the translation.

Please give us time to analyze all details involving your complaint. It usually takes 24 hours or less.

If you are not happy with our response, you also could write to these two organisms which TANDEM Madrid is member of:

tandem international
TANDEM Frankfurt – Zentrum für deutsche Sprache und Kultur, Germany
Klaus Führmann : [email protected]

He is the contact person and superior for all employees, organizing communication between the member groups, the committee, TANDEM’s employees and the TANDEM Foundation. In addition, he is in charge of TANDEM International Quality Management, incorporating the tasks of the TANDEM International Ombudsman. If you are unhappy with any of the educational products or services provided by our member schools, you can get in touch and tell him about the problem.

fedele logotipo



Dirección: C/ Almansa nº 9, 1º, 29007 (Málaga) SPAIN
Tel: +34 952 561 837
Mail: [email protected]

Any student for whose complaints have not been answered can contact the Student Guardian of FEDELE, who will process their complaints and their follow up its resolution. The Student Guardian consists of a commission of 3 FEDELE schools, excluding the school which has received the complaint. The school must provide its students with the written complaint forms as well as the contact details of the Student Guardian. In each case, the school will provide the completed complaint forms fuly signed by both the student and the school. The resolution period will be between 2 and 4 weeks. The resolution obtained will be communicated to the student.

Young learner age range policy

TANDEM Madrid accepts students within the age range specified in our brochure and other promotional materials. The student should have reached the required age by the beginning of the course.

Consideration for Acceptance

Child Safeguarding is very important to TANDEM Madrid and acceptation of the TANDEM’S Child Safeguarding policy is required for all staff. All staff will be informed of students who do not fall within the age range and they will be placed in accommodation and classrooms which are suitable for their age range, if necessary. Students who are within the age range will be consulted regarding their stay at our schools.
All age sensitive activities will be monitored and we will provide an alternative when they’re considered unsuitable for their ages.
A disclaimer and an email will be sent to third party providers or to the legal guardian of direct students for them to sign and send back prior to the arrival of the student, stating that TANDEM Madrid reserves the right to accept students outside its published age range.
Students under the age of 12 will be supervised either by the student’s group leader or by an TANDEM Madrid member of staff during free time while on excursions.
Any students over 17 years of age are accepted on the basis that they adhere to all the rules and policies of the school and its providers. The student will be treated as if he or she is under 18.

Student Code of Conduct

Students must:

  • Follow formal instructions given by staff.
  • Arrive at lessons on time
  • Take responsibility for the safety of their personal property
  • Ensure that all staff are spoken to politely
  • Move quietly about the corridors and stairs and do not run
  • Make every effort to ensure all areas of the school are kept clean, tidy and litter-free
  • Smoke outside the school.

TANDEM Madrid will not tolerate:

  • Bullying and harassment of other students or staff of any kind
  • Any type of violence
  • Vandalism or graffiti
  • Possession of, use of or dealing of drugs in school
  • Possession of alcohol and the drinking of alcohol at the school
  • Misuse of solvents
  • Misuse of TANDEM property and equipment
  • Serious breach of health and safety
  • Deliberate damage to health and safety equipment
  • Possession of any knives, guns or other weapons in school
  • Use of foul and abusive language
  • Theft of any kind
  • Any actions that breach local law

Students with Disabilities or Special Educational Needs.

  • In the way we provide education for the student.
  • In the way we give the student access to a benefit, facility or service.
  • By not providing education for the student.
  • By not affording the student access to any benefit, facility or service.
  • By excluding the student.
  • By subjecting them to any other detriment.

Admission Policy:

Students must declare any eventual disabilities and special educational needs TANDEM Madrid during their application.

This declaration will allow the school to make provision for the student in when reasonably possible and practicable.

Declaration during the application stage will give the school time to make any adjustments that are reasonable and necessary, or to propose alternative arrangements if adjustments cannot be made.

If a disability or special need is not declared at the time of application but is identified after arrival at school, this could result in the school not being able to provide the services for the student as expected, agreed or contracted. In this case the school would make arrangements for the student to be transferred to another school or returned home. This could result in additional costs for student concerned.

Cultural news, sports, politics and free-time activities…

Coffee and news imageCoffee and News (Café y Noticias) is a free booster class in Spanish, an hour and a half of extra class which is included in all the Spanish language programs. In the class, students find out about and debate sports, politics, social and cultural issues in Spain and Latin America. They do this using a variety of media resources and social networks, guided by our highly experienced teachers. In order to participate, students must have a minimum level of A2.

Usually every Wednesday, from 13.30 to 14.45, students can participate in Coffee and News. Teachers have a coffee or tea with the students while debating current affairs and other fun subjects. We also like to visit Spanish media outlets and arrange meetings with journalists and popular bloggers. Subjects such as football, social movements, celebrity culture, Spanish and Latin American politics are all part of this class.
Coffee and News is a fun way to learn or improve your level of Spanish and a comfortable and easy way to find a steady conversation group and make sure you practice Spanish weekly. It is also an efficient way to prepare for an oral Spanish test or gain confidence in your daily use.

In order to learn Spanish, it is necessary, in addition to assimilating linguistic concepts and their common uses, to acquire a practical knowledge of all aspects of the countries in which it is spoken. Through a critical and comparative reading of the news of each country, we can understand in depth the culture and society of those countries and also discover new interests, new places to visit and new things to learn.

Do you dare to discover Spain and Latin America with us? Join one of our weekly Café & News events.

offer City Life Madrid
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Intensive course

<span>United Kingdom, <span>intensive course</span></span>
"As a former student, I am delighted to recommend TANDEM Escuela Internacional Madrid. I spent a total of eight weeks last year attending the school to improve and advance my Spanish. I found TANDEM’s teaching techniques and methodology"
Maggie McCune United Kingdom, intensive course

<span>United Kingdom, <span>intensive course+ internship</span></span>
"All in all, TANDEM Madrid can only be described as an open, inspiring and intellectual place where teachers really care about not only you improving your Spanish but also your knowledge of Madrid as a place in itself, and that aim goes beyond the classroom."
Juliette Boury United Kingdom, intensive course+ internship

<span>United Kingdom, <span>intensive course + internship</span></span>
"Learning Spanish in Madrid with Tandem is an experience quite unlike any other; there´s no better place to experience the culture and speak the language than in the capital of Spain itself!"
Lara Davies United Kingdom, intensive course + internship

University Programs

<span>United States,<span>University Program: Academic Semester</span></span>
"My experience in TANDEM was fantastic. After four months in TANDEM, my Spanish has improved a lot and now I am comfortable speaking Spanish. I recommend TANDEM to anyone who wants to learn Spanish very quickly in a very comfortable and pleasant atmosphere."
Branden Ladebush United States,University Program: Academic Semester


"Before receiving the scholarship, I had the dream of studying at a Spanish university. My teachers told me that it would be very difficult for me. However, TANDEM helped me to recover my enthusiasm. TANDEM is like a family and I am so glad that I had the chance to be part of it."
Sara Erdos Scholarship

Spanish group program

<span>United Kingdom,<span>Spanish group program</span></span>
"Overall we had a most enjoyable stay, improved our Spanish beyond all recognition and can’t wait to go back. Many thanks to all the staff at Tandem for making our stay such a success."
Manchester Grammar School United Kingdom,Spanish group program

<span>United Kingdom, <span>Spanish Group Program</span></span>
"Tandem organised a fun, engaging and extremely beneficial week for us in Madrid, with activities and experiences we won’t forget in a hurry. On behalf of the Manchester Grammar School and all the boys who came on the trip, we’d like to say a huge thank you for such an enjoyable, worthwhile stay. Full Testimonial"
Thom Harris United Kingdom, Spanish Group Program

Teachers training

<span>Practical experience for teachers</span>
"These two weeks have helped me to realize that I do want to try teaching Spanish. A diploma is not enough, the self sufficiency either. You have to be at the place, work day by day and start enjoying. TANDEM is a perfect center for this."
José Ramón Huidobro Practical experience for teachers

Testimonials in videos

Testimonial: Eliza Guinness, USA

Testimonial: Elodie, France

In this page you’ll find some practical and useful information you may need to access and use this website properly, to get a visa to study in Spain and to answer some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our students. Please feel free to contact us if you need any other information not covered in this page.

FAQs mini

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

There are several questions asked by people visiting this site or by our students. Maybe your question can be already answered here. If it’s not, just contact us.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

visa information

Visa information

Some people need a visa to work and study in Spain. Although you must ask for official visa information in the Spanish embassy or consulate in your country, here you can read some clues about it.

Read our visa information.

legal information

Legal information

In these pages you can find the general conditions that you must accept in order to register to one of our Spanish courses in Madrid, and the legal information about our privacy policy and use of cookies.

Company Policies
General Terms and Conditions
Legal Notice
Privacy Policy
Cookies Policy


National and local public holidays for this year


TANDEM Madrid is committed to corporate social responsibility in the conviction that ethical conduct creates social engagement and integration. Learn about how this site is built to improve the accessibility to all people. Learn about accessibility.

Blog and social networks

We keep an up-to-date information about our school, activities, events, partnerships and many other things about our daily life in Spain that you may find interesting. No matter if you’re coming to Madrid or not, stay in touch with us!


Spanish courses Tandem Madrid

Spanish Courses

If you reached this page when looking specifically for our courses, please visit the main page about them. We offer dozens of Spanish courses in Madrid, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect course for you.

View Spanish courses

TANDEM Spanish school

TANDEM school

Looking to learn more about our Spanish school in Madrid? In this page you’ll find everything about us: our history, accreditations, teachers, staff and much more. Learn why TANDEM is a different school.

More about TANDEM

TANDEM language exchange

TANDEM language exchange

TANDEM language exchanges, created and registered by Tandem International (also called TANDEM Partner), is a method of practicing languages with native people, in couples carefully selected by our staff according your age, background and interests, that can improve your language learning even more quickly. It’s a fun and effective way to learn Spanish and to make friends at the same time.

Public Holidays in Madrid 2018

This is a list of public holidays for 2018. Some holidays are local (only for the Region of Madrid), other are national.

Please note that there are no classes on public/ bank holidays. However, TANDEM Madrid makes up all classes and activities that might otherwise be lost due to national or local public holidays, independent of the course type, the length of booking, the number of public holidays in the week. You never miss a class.

1st January (Monday) – New Year’s Day

6th January (Saturday)** – Epiphany

29th March (Thursday) – Maundy Thursday

30th March (Friday) – Good Friday

1st May (Tuesday) – Labour Day

2nd May (Wednesday)** – Holiday for the Autonomous Community of Madrid

15th May (Tuesday) – St. Isidro

15th August (Wednesday) – Assumption Day

12th October (Friday) – National Day Of the Kingdom of Spain

1st November (Thursday) – All Saints’ Day

9th November (Friday) – Almudena´s Day

6th December (Thursday) – Constitution Day

8th December (Saturday) – Immaculate Conception Day

25th December (Tuesday) – Christmas Day

** Public holidays listed above may undergo future changes due to Madrid´s local laws. Responsibility can not be assumed, should any such changes regarding local or national holidays occur.

Christmas Holidays: from 22nd December 2018 to the 7th January 2019

The school will be closed during the Christmas Holidays.

Public Holidays in Madrid 2019

1st January (Tuesday) – New Year’s Day

7th January (Monday)** – Epiphany

18th April (Thursday)** – Holly Thursday

19th April (Friday) – Holly Friday

1st May (Wednesday) – International Labour Day

2nd May (Thursday)** – Holiday for the Autonomous Community of Madrid

15th May (Wednesday) – St. Isidro

15th August (Thursday) – Assumption Day

12th October (Saturday) – National Day Of the Kingdom of Spain

1st November (Friday) – All Saints’ Day

9th November (Saturday) – Almudena´s Day

6th December (Friday) – Constitution Day

9th December (Monday) – Immaculate Conception Day

25th December (Wednesday) – Christmas Day

** Public holidays listed above may undergo future changes due to Madrid´s local laws. Responsibility can not be assumed, should any such changes regarding local or national holidays occur.

Christmas Holidays: from 23rd December 2019 to the 2nd January 2020

The school will be closed during the Christmas Holidays.

Additional information:

  • Classes are held from Monday to Friday. The school is closed on Sundays.
  • 1 lesson = 45 minutes
  • Timetable of general courses: 9.30 -13.00 / 15.00
  • Groups have a maximum of 10 students in all courses, except in evening courses, where the maximum is 12. The minimum number of students is 4.
  • The average number of students in each class / course is 6.
  • The minimum age for students is 16. Students under 18 years of age need written permission from their parents.

For more information please read our general conditions.

Please check out our page about useful information.

Welcome to TANDEM

Take a walk with TANDEM

TANDEM's students sing the 'chotis'


Our students

Why did you choose Madrid to learn Spanish?

What do you like most about TANDEM School?

What do you like most about Madrid?

What is your favourite place in Madrid?

The worst Spanish word to pronounce

Flamenco show with TANDEM

What is your favourite Spanish word?

What is your favourite Spanish food?

Cooking Lesson Spanish Learning TANDEM Madrid

What do you want to do with Spanish language?

TANDEM's students read El Quijote

Teachers training

Teachers training

Event Energy ELE 2013

Event Energy ELE 2014

Event Energy ELE 2015

Discover Madrid through videos and 360º images

Monuments, culture, people, nightlife… dozens of selected images from impressive videos tell many stories about Madrid. Time lapses, 360º experiences, drone footages and other formats will give you a taste of living in Madrid.

Business Spanish, español de los negocios

Categories of Business Spanish Courses

Business Spanish Course – Intensive Business Spanish Course – extensive Private Spanish clases

Our Business Spanish courses are designed for professionals who want to succeed in the working world by improving their knowledge of the Spanish language.[… view +]

Business Spanish is gaining popularity every day, as the importance of the Spanish language in the world is indisputable. It is the second most widely spoken language in the world by number of native speakers, and is the official language of 21 countries. This gives people interested in doing business with these countries an important competitive advantage when learning Spanish and the culture of these countries.

Professionals looking for work in Spanish-speaking countries also need a solid knowledge of the language in order to be able to carry out their activities with confidence and advance in their careers.

It should also be noted that Spain, and especially Madrid, is a gateway to Spanish-speaking countries, as it is the only Spanish-speaking country in the European Union, and has very good relations with other countries.

All classroom activities are directly related to several areas of the professional environment and include intercultural contents about the Hispanic community. They are specially designed to prepare advanced students for the Commercial Spanish exams ‘Certificado Básico’, ‘Certificado Superior’ or ‘Diploma de Español de los Negocios’ of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid.

In addition to the class activities, the program includes visits to various institutions and companies in different industries in Madrid, for e.g., a visit to the Spanish Parliament, El Corte Inglés, the Chamber of Commerce, Robert Bosch or AVON Cosmetics, to mention a few.


As a collaborating center of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid, TANDEM ESCUELA INTERNACIONAL organises these preparatory courses for the following examinations:

  • Certificado Básico de Español de los Negocios
  • Certificado Superior de Español de los Negocios
  • Diploma de Español de los Negocios



From Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 14.00 to 16.00 from Monday to Thursday

Spanish culture test

With this interactive Spanish culture test you can find out your knowledge about the Spanish society, customs, geography, history and other aspects of Spain

The test will be delivered in small blocks each week. So you can do the test step by step and repeat it as many times as you want.

All questions and answers are in Spanish and English

Spanish culture test: All questions!

Culture test: Complete

Test de cultura completo Complete culture test

Este test contiene todas las cuestiones de los 5 tests abajo (8 questiones cada), lo que hacen 40 cuestiones en total. This test contains all the questions of the 5 tests below (8 questiones each), which makes 40 questions in total.

Spanish culture test: part 5

Culture test - part 5

Culture test – part 5

Spanish culture test: part 4

Culture Test 1 - Part 4

Culture Test 1 – Part 4

Spanish culture test: part 3

Culture test 1 - part 3

Culture test 1 – part 3

Spanish culture test: part 2

Culture Test 1 - Part 2

Culture test. Part 2

Spanish culture test: part 1

Culture Test 1. Part 1

Hola, Javier
¿Por que no me amas?
Incluso hablo Spanglish
En el coche, en la nevera, en el telediario, ¡everywhere!

What is SIELE?


SIELE is “The International Evaluation Service of the Spanish Language”, an online evaluation and certification service to test Spanish language ability. It is suitable for students and professionals alike, whose mother tongue is not Spanish and who need to demonstrate their linguistic ability to academic institutions, businesses and public administration.

It is a certification promoted by the Cervantes Institute, the University Nacional Autónoma of Mexico, the University of Salamanca and the University of Buenos Aires. Working together, these institutions ensure the highest standards of quality and good practice in test design as well as using the great linguistic variety of the Spanish speaking world.

Advantages of SIELE:

  • It is useful when looking for work.
  • It helps businesses certify the Spanish language level of a prospective candidate or of its employees.
  • If you want to study in a university or study for a Master’s degree in any Spanish speaking country, it will attest to your knowledge of the language.

SIELE certifies the candidate’s Spanish language ability through a modular exam made up of five sections:

1. Global SIELE:

This exam

Recognises your Spanish language level worldwide. It consists of 4 tests which correspond to the 4 communicative language skills (reading, listening, writing and speaking). The total length of the exam is 3 hours and the highest mark is 1000 points. Having completed the exam, you will receive an internationally recognised certificate which is valid for 2 years. It includes a mark related to the language ability levels of the Common European Framework Reference and, in addition, a numerical score from 0 to 1000, which is the sum of all the scores obtained in each test.

Independent tests:

2. EXAM S1

Recognises your reading and listening comprehension skills in Spanish worldwide. (reading comprehension + listening comprehension)

3. EXAM S2

Recognises your level of reading comprehension and written expression in Spanish worldwide. (reading comprehension + written expression)

4. EXAM S3

Recognises your level of listening comprehension and oral expression in Spanish worldwide. (listening comprehension + oral expression)

5. EXAM S4

Recognises your level of oral expression in Spanish worldwide. (oral expression and interaction)

The SIELE exam is modular. It can be taken in one block, in the form of SIELE Global which includes the four skills previously described (reading, writing, listening and speaking) for which you receive a certificate recognised worldwide, and valid for two years.

You can, however, also take just one module of the exam which relates to the skills that you need to demonstrate, for example: oral expression and interaction (S4). Having taken one or several of the independent modules of SIELE, you will receive a certificate that is valid for two years. This includes the marks obtained in the test/tests taken alongside their corresponding Common European Framework Reference levels.

¿Hablas tan bien español como Marcelo?

Si hablas español tan bien como estas estrellas del deporte, ¡certifícalo con SIELE!

Aquí tienes un código con un 10% de descuento que puedes utilizar en la compra de tu examen SIELE:


Comparte el vídeo y el código de descuento en tus redes sociales.

Need help?

Contact us for a personal counselling. Our staff will help you to find the perfect course for you.

TANDEM MADRID is a centre accredited by the Cervantes Institute for the examination and preparation of the CCSE exam (Constitutional and Socio-cultural Knowledge of Spain), required to obtain Spanish nationality.

Passing this test demonstrates an understanding of the Spanish Constitution and the social-cultural situation and is a legal necessity to obtain Spanish nationality.

Candidates of any nationality who have full legal status and are at least 18 years old can take the CCSE test.

For more information:

The Constitutional and Socio-cultural Knowledge of Spain test (CCSE) is taken on the last Thursday of each month, at two possible times – at 18.00 and at 20.00. Candidates must present themselves at the location indicated by TANDEM Madrid at least one hour before the starting time of the exam.

There are no CCSE test dates in the months of August and December.


CCSE 2018 Inscription period Exam dates
January From 11th September 2017 to 4th January 2018 25/01/18
February From 11th September 2017 to 1st February 2018 22/02/18
March From 11th September 2017 to 1st March 2018 22/03/18
April From 11th September 2017 to 5th April 2018 26/04/18
May From 11th September 2017 to 10th May 2018 31/05/18
June From 11th September 2017 to 7th June 2018 28/06/18
July From 11th September 2017 to 5th July 2018 26/07/18
September From 11th September 2017 to 6th September 2018 27/09/18
October From 11th September 2017 to 4th October 2018 25/10/18
November From 11th September 2017 to 8th November 2018 29/11/18

You can find more information about the inscription process at


CCSE 2019 Inscription period Exam dates
January From 10th September 2018 to 10th January 2019 31/01/19
February From 10th September 2018 to 7th February 2019 28/02/19
March From 10th September 2018 to 7th March 2019 28/03/19
April From 10th September 2018 to 4th April 2019 25/04/19
May From 10th September 2018 to 9th May 2019 25/05/19
June From 10th September 2018 to 9th June 2019 30/06/19
July From 10th September 2018 to 6th July 2019 27/07/19
September From 10th September 2018 to 5th September 2019 26/09/19
October From 10th September 2018 to 10th October 2019 31/10/19
November From 10th September 2018 to 7th November 2019 28/11/19

TANDEM Madrid has many places available for each exam, in both the 18.00 and 20.00 sittings. You are sure to find a place with us.

The inscription price for the CCSE exam is 85 euros. The price is the same wherever the exam is taken and is revised on a yearly basis. Payment is made directly to the Cervantes Institute with your online application.
Inscription to the CCSE exam allows you take the exam for a second time if you do not pass the test on the first occasion or if you were unable to attend the first exam date. In such a case, the candidate must present themselves at the same examination centre for their second exam date within 18 months of the original inscription.

You can take the exam at our premises right in the centre of Madrid which are easily accessible by metro, bus, train and there are also many car parks in the area.


At TANDEM Madrid!

Inscription to take the CCSE test must be done through the website of CCSE ( You must introduce ‘Spain’ and then ‘Madrid’ into the search engine and look for our centre FEDELE/TANDEM ESCUELA INTERNACIONAL MADRID, then select the exam date which you would like in order to take the CCSE test.

CCSE courses

Preparation course for CCSE 1 day per week

Course start dates We recommend that you start your course at least 4 weeks before the date of the exam which you are going to take.
Classes 4 classes over 4 weeks
Timetable 1 day per week (3 hours of classes per day with a break of 15 minutes)
Two options: Friday afternoons (18.00 – 21.15)
Saturday mornings (10.00 -13.15)
Duration From 4 weeks
Inscription fees 30 euros, this includes: support service for inscriptions to the CCSE test; course material; a welcome folder; internet and WIFI access.


12 lessons per month – 4 classes of 3 hours
120 Euros

Need help?

Contact us for a personal counselling. Our staff will help you to find the perfect course for you.

What is the DELE diploma?

DELE is the official diploma of Spanish language learning from the Cervantes Institute. These diplomas are recognised around the world and are well respected in the spheres of education and business alike. To obtain Spanish nationality is necessary to have at least a diploma DELE level A2.

What is the DELE diploma for?

  • If you are going to spend a long period of time in Spain, for studies, work or simply for leisure, you can make the most of your stay by taking the exam. You can then return to your home country with an internationally recognised official qualification which attests to your abilities in the Spanish language.
  • With a DELE diploma you will be able to access grants, internships and well-paid jobs which require a knowledge of Spanish.
  • It is a key to accessing university undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses in Spain as well as in 90 countries, where the diploma is recognised.
DELE is an exam that you can prepare for in Spain, at our centre TANDEM MADRID with face to face classes or via our online classes and take the exam either here in Madrid or in your own country of origin or residence.

DELE exam levels

DELE Spanish diploma Common European Framework Reference
DELE Spanish diploma A1 A1
DELE Spanish diploma A2 A2
DELE Spanish diploma B1 B1
DELE Spanish diploma B2 B2
DELE Spanish diploma C1 C1
DELE Spanish diploma C2 C2

Learn more:

DELE 2019 exam dates

Call Date of written exam Deadline for inscription Levels
February February 8 January 9 A2
April April 5 February 6 A1, A2, B1, B2, C1
May May 24 – school students March 27 A1, A2-B1
May May 25 – general March 27 A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2
July July 12 May 16 A2, B1, B2, C1
September September 13 July 24 A2
October October 4 August 21 A2, B1, B2
November November 22 – school students October 9 A1, A2-B1
November November 23 – general October 9 A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

DELE 2019 for school students

Visiting groups from educational institutions (high schools, colleges, academies etc.) can take advantage of their stay by receiving DELE preparation classes for one or more weeks at our centre.

It is also possible to prepare for the oral exam via Skype with our native Spanish speaker teachers who also hold the title of DELE examiner.

Ask us for a price quotation

Need help?

Contact us for a personal counselling. Our staff will help you to find the perfect course for you.

TANDEM Examination Centre TANDEM Madrid, a centre associated with the Instituto Cervantes and several other institutions, works as examination center for the certificates SIELE, DELE A2, DELE B2 and CCSE. We also have specially designed courses to prepare for these certificates, both in person and online. The exams are held at our school, located in the heart of Madrid and easily accessible by subway, train and bus.

TELC and Cambridge TANDEM Madrid is an official centre for the preparation and examination of TELC for German and Cambridge for English. TELC exams are celebrate at our school twice a year (June and December). For the Cambridge exams we have dates for every month of the year.

Learn more
(Site in Spanish)

Courses Spanish and a passion

“I think that the consciousness of passion makes you act very different”
~ Pedro Almodóvar

There are many reasons to do things in life, but only one makes you live it to the full: do them for passion. Because things you do for passion not even need a reason, sometimes you do simply because you love. When you are passionate about something, you can be all the time thinking about it, even when you do other things. It’s something that moves you, drives you forward, no matter what obstacles you can find on your way to achieve your dreams. And it inspires you to wish, create, to work and learn what you need to get it.

When several things that you are passionate about come together, the experience can be even more intense. If you are passionate about learning languages and also about art, gastronomy and Spanish culture, this series of courses “Spanish and a passion” will help you discover a learning process fun, effective and rich in sensations for the body and spirit. You will learn Spanish with the specific vocabulary of each subject, while you participate in first person in every aspect of Spanish culture that you have chosen to know.

Discover Madrid in a way you’ve never done before. Visit its most interesting neighborhoods, with sumptuous museums and charming small museums. Delve into the colorful world of the Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar. Learn to taste exquisite wines, immerse yourself in the aromas and flavors of Spanish cuisine and get seduced by the warmth of flamenco, in the evenings and days plenty of life in the capital of Spain.

In addition to the knowledge you have acquired, the friends you have done and the good times you’ve lived, you will bring back many memories. Let all them awake your passion for living even more!

Courses “Spanish and a passion”

Check out our somplete list of Spanish courses.

TANDEM summer university residence

Open from 1 june to 30 september

Our summer university residence is based in the university campus area (Moncloa district). It is situated in the university neighbourhood of the capital with a metro station and bus stops right outside the door, being only a few minutes from the city centre using public transport.

There are well maintained facilities (a large outdoor swimming pool, a fully-equipped gymnasium, sports grounds with football pitch, basketball and handball courts, as well as various study areas with WIFI in common areas and student room. A large, modern dinning room offers breakfast, half board and full board. All of the meals are cooked daily from fresh ingredients, catering for all dietary requirements (vegetarians, celiacs etc.).

All these great facilities make our residence the perfect choice for your accommodation in Madrid during the summer months.

The perfect location!

  • Close to the metro station “Metropolitano” Line 6 (Circular)
  • Close to a shopping area with bars and restaurants.
  • 15 minutes by metro to Puerta del Sol, city centre.
  • 26 minutes by metro to the airport
  • Various bus services available

All single rooms have a bathroom and include:

  • Wifi.
  • Security safe / strong box.
  • Work table
  • Fully furnished bathroom
  • Wardrobe
  • Bed

The shared facilities are:

  • Dining room for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Cinema and concert room
  • TV and games room
  • 25 metre outdoor swimming pool, open from 12:00 to 21:00.
  • Gym and weights room are open from 8.00 to 23.30.
  • Common room for internet access and leisure.
  • The reception remains open 24 hours a day.

TANDEM summer university residence 1 TANDEM summer university residence 6 TANDEM summer university residence 4 TANDEM summer university residence 2 TANDEM summer university residence 3

TANDEM’s summer university residence
Single room + breakfast Single room + half board Single room + full board
40 € 43 € 46 €

Please note:

  • Week price = Sunday to Saturday
  • Supplement for special diets: 26 € /week
  • Supplement for accompanying minors two ways : 75 €/week
  • Reservations for double rooms only accepted for people travelling together.
  • Students must check into accommodation after 12 noon on Sundays and check out before 12 noon on Saturdays.
  • Changes of accommodation need to be made on Sundays after 12 noon.

* Prices per person and night
** Open during June, July, August and September.

Please check also our other types of accommodation to study Spanish in Madrid.

Are you planning to study Spanish with TANDEM Madrid? Would you prefer to learn from home at your own pace and without wasting time travelling? Do you live in another city or country, but you want to study with us? Its easy when you learn Spanish online with us.


Spanish online

Spanish course via Skype

Spanish course via Skype

TANDEM Madrid Skype classes, with course materials produced by our team of teachers, are an indispensable aid for your progress in learning the Spanish language. The aim of our Skype classes is to improve your communication skills in Spanish by practicing what you have worked on during the week in the Virtual Classroom.

No matter if you’re still planning to study in Spain or if you’re already took your course here, with our lessons via Skype you’ll always can be in touch with our country and your former teachers.

View course

Looking for Spanish courses in Madrid?

Check out our complete list of courses.

More Spanish online

Free online Spanish lessons

Start learning Spanish right now! With this mini online course for beginners, you can learn comfortably from home at any time. Free Spanish lessons published weekly, with interactive exercises, PDF, audio, video and more! It’s a good option to get some language skills before you start your course in TANDEM Madrid.

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Free online tests

Learn Spanish in Madrid

Learn Spanish in Madrid

Spanish Courses

Passionate about

people and languages!

We have the perfect

Spanish course for you


View Spanish courses

Intensive and super intensive courses; exams preparation (DELE, Spanish Citizenship). Courses for professionals, groups of students, teachers training programs, etc. Spanish classes with cuisine, cinema, wine tasting, super learning, online and more.

Learn Spanish from home

Spanish via Skype with TANDEM teachers, for individuals or groups.

Spanish courses

Passionate about
people and languages!

We have the perfect
Spanish course for you


View Spanish courses

TELF Course

NEW! Spanish course + TEFL course in Madrid

Road2Spain: Become a certified English teacher and learn Spanish at the same time. Lifetime, worldwide job placement program included.
Learn more

English and German courses

TANDEM Madrid offers English and German courses for adults, children, young people and companies. TELC accredited center. Quality training in languages since 1982. Visit our Web site for English and German courses for more information.

View English and German courses

Why is TANDEM school different?

Our goal is to promote language learning by taking a humanistic and holistic approach, and by fostering the understanding and rapport among students from different countries and cultures.

TANDEM is an unique and independent Spanish school, expert and innovative in the teaching of languages, and managed by qualified specialists in the field of education. Since 1982 we help students, professionals and teachers to improve their language skills and their personal growth. TANDEM is socially responsible. We have an equality policy for our employees, and collaborate with NGOs.

More about our Spanish school



TANDEM’s staff is highly motivated and qualified, stable, and passionate, and they will make you feel the same. Learn and have fun.


We use our 30-year experience in languages with super learning techniques, so you can achieve results in less time.


TANDEM is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes and other institutions, and it is part of Tandem International network.


We love art and culture, so we have combined language courses with gastronomy, wine tasting classes, and more.

University Programs


TANDEM Madrid has agreements with several foreign universities so that students can learn Spanish in Spain and simultaneously earn college credits for their studies. With our study abroad programs you’ll have an unforgettable experience in Spain that will complete your career in your own country.


TANDEM language exchange

TANDEM language exchange

TANDEM language exchanges, created and registered by Tandem International (also called TANDEM Partner), is a method of practicing languages with native people, in couples carefully selected by our staff according your age, background and interests, that can improve your language learning even more quickly. It’s a fun and effective way to learn Spanish and to make friends at the same time.


Our staff will help you to choose the right Spanish course in Madrid and plan your trip to Spain

Spanish nationality

Important: you must obtain both certificates (DELE and CCSE) BEFORE you apply to the Spanish citizenship.

General information about the Spanish citizenship

In October 2015, the following laws will come into effect:

  • Law 12/2015, dated 24 June, to concede the Spanish nationality to Sephardic Jews originating from Spain.
  • Law 19/2015, dated 13 July, about measures regarding administrative reforms in the sector of the Justice and Civil Registry Department, which in its seventh final disclosure regulates the procedure to obtain the Spanish citizenship by residency.

Both laws require passing the two exams developed and administered by the Cervantes Institute as well as Spanish Language Centers recognized by the Cervantes Institute and members of the FEDELE association:

1. The exam that certifies a basic knowledge of the Spanish language: Spanish language certificate DELE A2 exam or higher.

2. The exam that certifies specific knowledge of the Spanish Constitution as well as the social and cultural actuality of Spain: CCSE exam (Constitutional and y Sociocultural Knowledge of Spain).

For further information please consult:

Who can apply for the spanish citizenship?


For further details regarding the requirements for the process of obtaining the Spanish citizenship, please visit the website of the Spanish Ministry of Justice.


Who is exempt from these requirements?

Persons who hold the citizenship of countries or territories where Spanish is the official language, are exempt from the Spanish language exam DELE.

Minors and persons in care of others are exempt from both exams.

Where can I prepare the exams and where can I take them?

In TANDEM Madrid. Since 2000, TANDEM MADRID is a Spanish Language Center recognized by the Cervantes Institute and, as such, forms part of the Network of Associated Centers, which can be joined by those centers who comply with the quality standards established by the Cervantes Institute in its QUALITY ACCREDITATION SYSTEM FOR ELE CENTERS, the only existing international quality certification which is exclusively focused on the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.

As a language center recognized by the Cervantes Institute and as an associated school of FEDELE we are authorized to:

1. Offer preparation courses for the DELE A2 exam as well as the CCSE exam.

TANDEM MADRID is an official Enrollment Center for DELE exams. If you want to take your DELE exam in Spain, you can enroll directly on the official website: DELE/ FEDELE

2. We are an authorized exam center for the CCSE exam, which means you can take your CCSE exam at our school, if you wish to do so.

Help for Enrolment DELE – CCSE (Spanish)

Preparation courses for the Spanish citizenship


Not sure about which course to choose?

Contact us for a personal counselling. Our staff will help you to find the perfect course for you.

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Among the many factors that make TANDEM Spanish school unique in its sector, is its ability to innovate and create different things that stimulates the Spanish learning and make people to have experiences equaly unique and special. We give a great importance to knowledge of Spanish and and Latin American’s culture, as an inseparable part of understanding the language.

For this reason, we created a series of cutting-edge special Spanish courses that combine art, tourism and new technologies in order to increase understanding of the language and Spanish culture at the same time that we provide students with an enriching and memorable stay with us:

  • Spanish course traveling by Spain: through this course, students can take a course with other TANDEM schools in other Spanish cities within the same stay. With the added bonus of not having to pay enrollment fees in other cities you choose.
  • Spanish Online AVE: or Aula Virtual de Español (Spanish Virtual Classroom) is an educational environment on the Internet created by the Instituto Cervantes in collaboration with TANDEM where we can learn Spanish without having to attend a classroom. A good starting point to do a Spanish course in Madrid later.
  • Long-term Course: offers the same features as a short intensive course, but for stays longer than six months. It is very useful, for example, for young people who want to deepen their Spanish to go to a university in Spain.
  • Super Learning Spanish Course: a revolutionary method based on Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Suggestopedia, able to deliver learning results quickly and in a more pleasant way.

Spanish and a passion

  • Spanish with passion for gourmet cooking: it brings the best of Spanish cuisine along with a deep understanding of related language and vocabulary.
  • Spanish with passion for art: Madrid is one of the most important cities for the art in the world, hosting great museums with works by some of the greatest artists of all time. With this course you can learn Spanish art while learning the language.
  • Spanish with Passion for Small Museums: in addition to major museums such as the Prado, Reina Sofia and Thyssen, Madrid hides amazing museums that often go unnoticed by their size, but they’re enchanting by the masterpieces they hold.
  • Spanish with passion for flamenco: Madrid is considered the world’s capital of flamenco as the center which brings together most of the production of this artistic genre. Learn Spanish while you immerse yourself in this authentic form of Spanish art.
  • Spanish with passion for wine: for wine lovers, nothing better than doing a Spanish course while participating in visits to wineries and tasting sessions.
  • Spanish with passion for Almodovar’s cinema: a course that allows you to learn Spanish at the same time you discover Madrid through the films of this brilliant filmmaker.
  • Spanish and a Passion for Cool Madrid Neighbourhoods: discover the unique personality of some of the most amazing neighborhoods of Spain’s capital with this special course created for lovers of the urban.

Please check our complete list of Spanish courses.

Given the growing importance of Spanish in the modern world, more and more people are interested in getting some kind of certificate attesting their language levels that will help them to improve their resumes. The first certificate that you can get is the one issued by the school where you take your Spanish course. For this, it is important to choose a prestigious school and mainly if ir is accredited by Instituto Cervantes as TANDEM (see more reasons to choose TANDEM Spanish School).

The Instituto Cervantes is the only public institution that offers an internationally recognized certificate to attest the level of Spanish as a foreign language (ELE) of students and teachers. Through its DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language), held together with FEDELE (National Federation of Spanish Language Schools), you can officially demonstrate that you have the level of Spanish that you declare. For this reason, TANDEM Madrid puts special interest in creating a DELE exam preparation course that is really effective and motivates students to take on the challenge of passing the tests and then gradually improve their language skills, until they’re able to reach the level C2, “Mastery”.

Another certificate highly demanded in Spain is the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid. For this reason we created the Business Spanish for the Chamber of Commerce course, to better prepare professionals from anywhere in the world to pass this certification. In addition to the course, organized visits to several important companies in Madrid, such as El Corte Inglés, Bosch or Avon.

Both with DELE and Chamber of Commerce certificate you can demonstrate the level of Spanish you have, either for work, university or government examinations. But on top of the official title there is the personal satisfaction of being able to achieve it, and this ability that you acquire will be useful in many aspects of your life.

Please check our complete list of Spanish courses.

The importance of the Spanish language for the business world is indisputable, that’s why we created different Spanish for professionals programs. It is the world’s second most spoken language in terms of native speakers, with over 400 million people, behind Mandarin Chinese. It is the official language of 19 countries, most of them in Latin America, the second most studied after English worldwide, and the third most used on the Internet. It is the second most spoken language in the United States, where more than 40 million people speak Spanish. And among all places in the world where you can learn Spanish, Madrid is probably the most important city for business (read the reasons to study Spanish in Madrid).

Aware of the special needs that professionals learning Spanish in Madrid may have due to their work, we have created some courses for them in a flexible way and focused on the student, as TANDEM usually does. The busiest and those who need to learn quickly can choose the Private Spanish Classes, where the student will have a unique teacher for him in each class, and students themselves define the content of the lessons and learning pace. The Business Spanish courses can give professionals a good insight on Spanish language, mostly if they’re planning to obtain an official certificate. They can also opt for the Immersion Spanish Course, which is also offered on a tailor-made basis, and can be combined with the TANDEM Cultural Program, where they can choose between cooking classes, wine or olive oil tasting, movies, etc.

In addition to tailor-made courses, extensive Spanish courses were also created for professionals, although they are suitable for any person who has little time to learn. In fact, any course of TANDEM can help professionals in their careers, but we wanted to differentiate some of them in order to meet specific needs.

And of course, also we think of the future professionals when we design our Spanish courses. With the Spanish course and Internship in Madrid, students from all over the world have the opportunity to learn Spanish in TANDEM and then do an internship in any major Spanish company. Madrid is home to some of the most important companies in the world, so doing a training here can be an excellent choice.

Please check our complete list of Spanish courses.

Unlike the intensive Spanish courses, which offer a greater number of lessons per week for people who normally travel to Madrid for less time, extensive Spanish courses are mainly chosen by people already living in Madrid and prefer to study in a more relaxed way over a greater number of months. Is also designed for people who, because of their work or studies, have fewer hours each week to study Spanish. But it’s possible to hire an extensive course for less time, since 4 weeks.

One of the most demanded extensive courses is the Friday or Saturday Extensive Course, offered one day per week. This course is offered especially for those who work or study during the week and only have time on weekends. There is also a Two Days a Week Course that is offered during the week for people who have more time available in weekdays. They are held in different days of the week, depending on the student’s level.

Among those who choose extensive courses we can find both students and workers, but it is mostly demanded by professionals who want to pass an exam like the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid certificate or just improve their language skills to improve their careers. That’s why our Business Spanish Course has a good acceptance among our customers. See also our list of Spanish for professionals programs. Another type of professional that requires quite often our extensive courses are the ones who take care after children, or “au pairs”. The Au pairs Spanish Course offers the possibility to foreign people living with Spanish families to learn the language faster, enhancing it with what they’re already learning from the daily relationship with their hosts.

Therefore, before deciding what course to choose, consider your time availability and how quickly you want to learn Spanish. The logic is that the more classes you take, and for a longer period of time, the faster you will learn. But TANDEM have options for all learning needs you may have.

Please check our complete list of Spanish courses.

-10% on Combined courses

10% discount on our Combined Spanish courses

A 10% discount on our Combined Spanish courses. Not cumulative with other offers.

  • Limited time offer
  • Mention this offer when booking your course
  • Enrolment fee not included

– 5% on online bookings

Book online, save 5%

If you book online and pay the full amount of the services you’re purchasing, you will receive an automatic discount of 5% off the course fee. Not cumulative with other offers.

Discounts for former students


Recommendations and returning students are the biggest form of flattery for us. For this reason we would like to thank every former student with a 15% discount on our intensive courses.

  • Enrolment fee not included in the offer.
  • Offers are not cumulative. Automatically the best offer is valid.
  • Don’t forget to write down ‘former students offer” in the Application Form’s Offers section.

In this section you will find our corporate brochures and flyers with useful information about our Spanish programs for foreigners.

Spanish Brochure

PDF, 2.0 MB

spanish brochure

Dates and prices

PDF, 1.4 MB

dates and prizes

Spanish courses for groups

PDF, 2.4 MB

spanish courses group

Spanish  citizenship course

PDF, 12.4 MB

spanish citizenship

Tourist map

PDF, 3.1 MB

mapa turistico

Registration form

PDF, 491 KB


Spanish Courses

If you reached this page when looking specifically for our courses, please visit the main page about them. We offer dozens of Spanish courses in Madrid, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect course for you.

View Spanish courses

TANDEM school

Looking to learn more about our Spanish school in Madrid? In this page you’ll find everything about us: our history, accreditations, teachers, staff and much more. Learn why TANDEM is a different school.

More about TANDEM

accommodation tandem

TANDEM Madrid offers different types of accommodation for students, so as to suit their personal needs and interests. All accommodations are carefully selected in order to provide the same level of quality for everybody. They are exclusive for students of our Spanish courses in Madrid.

At this time, students can choose from:

A true Spanish living experience. You will speak Spanish all day and make the most out of your Spanish course.

More about Host family

Accommodation for people who want to study Spanish in Madrid while having their own space, with comfort and convenience.

More about Private apartment

shared flat

Live near Madrid city center, in a spacious apartment, together with other international students

summer residence

A great accommodation with pool and all the amenities of a hotel, at a great location in Madrid. Only available from June to September.

You’ll can meet other students and enjoy a stress-free and comfortable stay in the center of Madrid.

Also interesting for short stays like hotels, but usually at cheaper prices and different levels of services.


Good alternative for short stays, if you want to take advantage of the additional services that only hotels offer.

Double room, Generator Madrid

Thanks to its modern and cozy facilities, staying in Generator Madrid feels just like home, with a reception desk that opens 24 hours.

All accommodation prices

If you have any accommodation needs that are not covered by the options above, please contact us.

Accommodation and Learning

It’s very important to choose the right type of accommodation for yourself based on your personal characteristics, like your interests, age, budget, the length of your stay, etc. The accommodation you choose will help you to complement your learning activities at the school and allow you to discover Madrid in different ways. Your day-to-day life outside the school is a complement for your course.

In any case, we are pleased to assist you in choosing the perfect type of accommodation for you, just let us know during your reservation.

travel services

VIP health insurance and airport transfer services. Study in Madrid with peace of mind.

TANDEM accommodation pictures


Contact us for a personal counselling. Our staff will help you to find the perfect course for you.

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TANDEM Madrid Spanish school

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TANDEM Madrid 35 years

TANDEM Madrid 35 Years

Virtual tour: inside our school

TANDEM School virtual tour on Google Maps

TANDEM Madrid in images

10 reasons for choosing TANDEM Madrid Spanish School
If you’ve been comparing other Spanish schools before, you might be wondering: Why choose TANDEM? Here are a few reasons, but you’ll only notice the essence of our success after you’ve arrived at our school, and feel the atmosphere by yourself.

1. We are more than just a Spanis