What is SIELE?

SIELE is “The International Evaluation Service of the Spanish Language”, an online evaluation and certification service to test Spanish language ability. It is suitable for students and professionals alike, whose mother tongue is not Spanish and who need to demonstrate their linguistic ability to academic institutions, businesses and public administration.

It is a certification promoted by the Cervantes Institute, the University Nacional Autónoma of Mexico, the University of Salamanca and the University of Buenos Aires. Working together, these institutions ensure the highest standards of quality and good practice in test design as well as using the great linguistic variety of the Spanish speaking world.

Advantages of SIELE:

  • It is useful when looking for work.
  • It helps businesses certify the Spanish language level of a prospective candidate or of its employees.
  • If you want to study in a university or study for a Master’s degree in any Spanish speaking country, it will attest to your knowledge of the language.

SIELE certifies the candidate’s Spanish language ability through a modular exam made up of five sections:

1. Global SIELE:

This exam

Recognises your Spanish language level worldwide. It consists of 4 tests which correspond to the 4 communicative language skills (reading, listening, writing and speaking). The total length of the exam is 3 hours and the highest mark is 1000 points. Having completed the exam, you will receive an internationally recognised certificate which is valid for 2 years. It includes a mark related to the language ability levels of the Common European Framework Reference and, in addition, a numerical score from 0 to 1000, which is the sum of all the scores obtained in each test.

Independent tests:

2. EXAM S1

Recognises your reading and listening comprehension skills in Spanish worldwide. (reading comprehension + listening comprehension)

3. EXAM S2

Recognises your level of reading comprehension and written expression in Spanish worldwide. (reading comprehension + written expression)

4. EXAM S3

Recognises your level of listening comprehension and oral expression in Spanish worldwide. (listening comprehension + oral expression)

5. EXAM S4

Recognises your level of oral expression in Spanish worldwide. (oral expression and interaction)

The SIELE exam is modular. It can be taken in one block, in the form of SIELE Global which includes the four skills previously described (reading, writing, listening and speaking) for which you receive a certificate recognised worldwide, and valid for two years.

You can, however, also take just one module of the exam which relates to the skills that you need to demonstrate, for example: oral expression and interaction (S4). Having taken one or several of the independent modules of SIELE, you will receive a certificate that is valid for two years. This includes the marks obtained in the test/tests taken alongside their corresponding Common European Framework Reference levels.

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