Password: Vocabulary Game



Mª Jesús Hernández García


We begin our entry by referring to an anecdote from the book Aprender y enseñar vocabulario:

A professor of classical Greek used to say that in order to learn a word it was necessary to have “seen” it at least five times. The first time it is clear that we do not know it; the second, we recognize that we did not remember it; the third, we admit that we had already seen it; the fourth, we confess that we had forgotten it; and the fifth, we get so angry that we do not know it yet that we learn it so as not to forget it again.

This time we leave you a playful activity to review vocabulary in class. To develop this game we have based it on the television game Password, a word game where two pairs compete to guess the highest number of words.

Instructions: We distribute the cards in pairs or groups, one member of the pair will have to give the clues for his partner to guess. There is one condition: the clues must be a single word, you can use synonyms, antonyms, analogies, hyperonyms, etc. but not definitions. If you want to make it more exciting, we recommend that you use a stopwatch and set a time limit.

Our activity is designed for A2 level, all the words have been taken from the inventory of Specific Notions of the PCIC level A2, but it can be played at all levels.

We hope you like it and that you enjoy it as much as we do.

Download file for Password game in PDF (Spanish)

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