Instituto Cervantes Accredited Centre


TANDEM is an Institute Cervantes Accredited Centre since 2000 and is part of the Network of Associate Centers, which can incorporate only those which meet the quality requirements set by the SYSTEM QUALITY ACCREDITATION ELE CENTERS Cervantes Institute, the only quality accreditation internationally focused exclusively on the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.

The Instituto Cervantes Accreditation System for Centers aims to:

  • Promote a commitment to quality and to improvement amongst centres teaching Spanish both in Spain and abroad;
  • Encourage the furtherance of a system of teaching Spanish that shares common standards and which offers a full guarantee of the complementary services and activities offered;
  • Assist individuals interested in learning Spanish in choosing a Centre accredited by a State Agency of renown.

More about Instituto Cervantes Accredited Centre

  • In order to be elegible for an Instituto Cervantes Accredited Centre seal, a Spanish school must follow strict guidelines and submit to an exhaustive evaluation by the institution. They check the academic activities, quality of teaching, installation and equipment, administration/ organization and information/ publicity. Tandem has to pass this examination periodically to keep its accreditation.
  • Only the Spanish schools with the status of Instituto Cervantes Accredited Centre can display the Instituto Cervantes’ logo. All schools with this seal can be found in the Web site of Cervantes.
  • With the Instituto Cervantes Accredited Centre certification, students can be sure to be choosing a school with high operational and teaching standards. There are many other schools in Spain and abroad, but only Tandem has some features that makes it an unique school to study Spanish in Madrid. Read more about TANDEM Madrid Spanish School.

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