¡Vamos de tapas! let´s go for tapas

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Mariona is a Spaniard who lives in Koh Lipe, Thailand. In the following video, Mariona tells us what she likes to do when she returns to Spain.

Indeed, “ir de tapas” or “tomarse unas tapas con los amigos” (to have some tapas with friends) is a tradition so widespread in Spain that when you live abroad, you miss it very much.

This Spanish custom, which arose during the 18th century, is that for each drink served at a bar or café, the customer is provided a small portion of food. Sometimes tapas are very basic, for example, simple cheese or ham. However, over time tapas have evolved, and now there are bars that constantly innovate their recipes with unique and seasonal offerings.

On the other hand, the word “tapas” is one of the most international words that the Spanish language has produced.

The tapas bar guide

Going for tapas with a group of friends is a common custom among Spaniards. The perfect time to do this is around noon, especially on weekends. In Madrid, there are many bars and areas where people from Madrid go for tapas, but we recommend you visit the area of La Latina on a Sunday morning.

Here are some of the Spanish expressions essential when going for tapas:


Para pedir bebida en un bar

To order a drink at a bar

  • Para mí, una caña, por favor.
  • Yo quiero una Coca cola.
  • Ponme un vino tinto.
  • A draft beer for me, please.
  • I want a Coke.
  • Pour me a red wine.

Para preguntar por la bebida

To ask for a drink

  • ¿Qué van a tomar?
  • ¿Que quiere de beber?
  • ¿Quieren algo?
  • What are you having?
  • What do you want to drink?
  • Do you want anything?

Para pedir la cuenta

To order the bill

  • Por favor, la cuenta.
  • Me trae la cuenta, por favor.
  • ¿Qué le debo?
  • Please, the bill.
  • Bring me the bill, please.
  • What do I owe you?

Para pedir comida

Ordering food

  • Por favor, ¿me puedes poner una tapa?
  • ¿Me pones una ración de Jamón serrano?
  • Please, can you serve me a tapa?
  • Can I have a portion of Serrano ham?

These exercise have names and images of some drinks. Match each one with its answer:

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