Begoña Llovet Barquero

About: Begoña Llovet Barquero

Begoña Llovet Barquero
  • Role : Teacher and Director
  • Experience : Over 35 years
  • Specialist in : Spanish and German

Begoña is a graduate in German Language and Literature from the Universidad Complutense, Madrid. She is also a founder and Director of TANDEM, Escuela Internacional. She is a pioneer of the introduction of ‘Sugestopedia’ and Neurolinguistic programming in the teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language in Spain. She holds a Masters degree in Neurolinguistic Programming, and specialises in a holistic approach to teaching as well as the intercultural TANDEM method. She trains teachers in various programmes, for example in: Universidad Complutense, Madrid (for the Masters of teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language), Universidad Internacional Menénez Pelayo de Santander (for the UIMP Masters course and for the Cervantes Institute), and also in teaching centres in the Ministry of Education, in ‘Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas’, in international conferences, etc. She is a coordinator of ‘Proyecto Enlace’ for the Cervantes Institute (their first online Spanish course). She is also the author of various teaching materials: ‘Planet@’, a series of four textbooks published by EDELSA, ‘Sol y Sombra’, a series of three textbooks based on the ‘sugestopédico’ method, published by Langenscheidt, and ‘Pasaporte E/LE’, a Spanish textbook with 4 levels, published by EDELSA.

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