Definite and indefinite articles in Spanish

The difference between definite articles (“determinados“) and indefinite articles (“indeterminados“) can be observed in the following two sentences:

Give me the blue pen (a particular or definite pen)

Give me a pen, please (any of a number of pens or an indefinite pen)

The difference between definite and indefinite articles is the difference between talking about a specific pen, or any pen.

-> the pen
-> a pen


Masculino Femenino
Singular El
(el bolígrafo)
(la señora)
Plural Los
(los bolígrafos)
(las señoras)


Masculino Femenino
Singular Un
(un bolígrafo)
(una señora)
Plural Unos
(los bolígrafos)
(las señoras)

Tips about articles in Spanish

Unos / unas is also used to express approximation:

Laura tiene unos 15 años
Laura is around 15 years old

The masculine plural definite and indefinite articles (los / unos) are also used to indicate a group of mixed sex. For instance, “los gatos” could refer to a group of 10 male cats or it could refer to a group of 9 female cats and one male cat.

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