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Spanish numbers


Numbers can be tricky sometimes; there are languages that have a very particular way of writing numbers. Numbers in Spanish, on the other hand, are quite easy to remember, because it’s a language mostly written as it sounds.

We divide Spanish numbers in cardinal numbers and ordinal numbers.

Números cardinales (Cardinal numbers)

Cardinal numbers are used to count things, referring to quantity. You can use it to talk about working hours, to count objects or to talk about money. Here you have some examples.

Ejemplos / Examples:

  • Hay tres (3) manzanas en la mesa ⇒ there are three (3) apples on the table.
  • Trabajó veinte (20) horas a la semana ⇒ He worked twenty (20) hours this week.
  • Ella tiene un (1) coche ⇒She has one (1) car.
  • Me dió cincuenta (50) dólares por mi trabajo ⇒He gave me fifty (50) dollars for my work.

Have a look at the following table with the numbers.

Español # English
cero 0 zero
uno 1 one
dos 2 two
tres 3 three
cuatro 4 four
cinco 5 five
seis 6 six
siete 7 seven
ocho 8 eight
nueve 9 nine
diez 10 ten
once 11 eleven
doce 12 twelve
trece 13 thirteen
catorce 14 fourteen
quince 15 fifteen
dieciséis 16 sixteen
diecisiete 17 seventeen
dieciocho 18 eighteen
diecinueve 19 nineteen
veinte 20 twenty
veintiún / veintiuno 21 twenty-one
veintidós 22 twenty-two
veintitrés 23 twenty-three
veinticuatro 24 twenty-four
veinticinco 25 twenty-five
veintiséis 26 twenty-six
veintisiete 27 twenty-seven
veintiocho 28 twenty-eight
veintinueve 29 twenty-nine
treinta 30 thirty
treinta y uno 31 thirty-one
cuarenta 40 forty
cincuenta 50 fifty
sesenta 60 sixty
setenta 70 seventy
ochenta 80 eighty
noventa 90 ninety
cien 100 one hundred
mil 1000 one thousand
un millón 1000000 one million
mil millones * 1000000000 one billion
un billón * 1000000000000 one trillion
Important: please note that in Spanish, unlike English, one billion is “mil millones” (one thousand million, or milliard). A billion in Spanish in equivalent to a trillion in English.

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Números ordinales (Ordinal numbers)

Ordinal numbers are used to bring order into situations, objects or people. We usually use them when we do lists or when we need to narrate a series of events. We get the idea of what goes first, second, etc. Here some examples.

Ejemplos / Examples:

  • Primero 1º: Escribe tu nombre y dirección. Segundo 2º: Escribe tu trabajo y experiencia. Tercero 3º: Firma el formulario.
    First (1st): Write your name and address. Second (2nd): Write about your work experience. Third (3rd): Sign the form.
  • María, primera. Gerardo, Segundo. David, tercero.María, first (1st). Gerardo, second (2nd). David, third (3rd).
  • La primera palabra de mi bebé fue coche.My baby’s first (1st) word was “car”.
  • La segunda mujer de mi padre es muy guapa.My father’s second (2nd) wife is very pretty.
  • Vivo en el segundo piso.
    I live in the second floor
Español # English
primer, primero o primera 1 first
segundo 2 second
tercero 3 third
cuarto 4 fourth
quinto 5 fifth
sexto 6 sixth
sétimo 7 seventh
octavo 8 eighth
noveno 9 ninth
décimo 10 tenth
undécimo 11 eleventh
duodécimo 12 twelfth
decimotercer, decimotercero o decimotercera 13 thirteenth
decimocuarto 14 fourteenth
decimoquinto 15 fifteenth
decimosexto 16 sixteenth
decimosétimo 17 seventeenth
decimoctavo 18 eighteenth
decimonono o decimonoveno 19 nineteenth
vigésimo 20 twentieth
trigésimo 30 thirtieth
cuadragésimo 40 fortieth
quincuagésimo 50 fiftieth
sexagésimo 60 sixtieth
septuagésimo 70 seventieth
octogésimo 80 eightieth
nonagésimo 90 ninetieth
centésimo 100 hundredth
ducentésimo 200 two hundredth
tricentésimo 300 three hundredth
cuadragentésimo 400 four hundredth
quingentésimo 500 five hundredth
sexcentésimo 600 six hundredth
septingentésimo 700 seven hundredth
octingentésimo 800 eight hundredth
noningentésimo 900 nine hundredth
milésimo 1000 thousandth
dosmilésimo 2000 two thousandth
tresmilésimo 3000 three thousandth
cuatromilésimo 4000 four thousandth
cincomilésimo 5000 five thousandth
seismilésimo 6000 six thousandth
sietemilésimo 7000 seven thousandth
ochomilésimo 8000 eight thousandth
nuevemilésimo 9000 nine thousandth
diezmilésimo 10000 ten thousandth
millonésimo 1000000 millionth
mil millonésimo 1000000000 billionth
billonésimo 1E+12 trillionth

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Exercise: Numbers in Spanish

Exercise: Numbers in Spanish

Exercise: Numbers in Spanish

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