Online training for Spanish teachers

The course introduces the contributions of humanistic methods to the learning and teaching of foreign languages: Suggestopedia, Neurolinguistic Programming and other holistic approaches that see students as global beings, endowed with affectivity, creativity, different types of intelligence and learning styles.
Individual ELE training (online)
This course consists of 20 units of language classes in an advanced group (B2 or higher) with a maximum of 10 students + 10 individual lessons about updating the didactic knowledge of ELE teaching, tailored to the actual participant’s needs (before you arrive at TANDEM we will send you a needs’ analysis).
Practical Experience for Teachers
If you have already obtained specific ELE training, but would like to be more confident in class, or if you have little or no experience in teaching ELE, this is the course for you.

Combine Spanish online with face to face courses

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