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Interactive language courses, with or without a tutor

Aprender con el corazón y la cabeza

The course introduces the contributions of humanistic methods to the learning and teaching of foreign languages: Suggestopedia, Neurolinguistic Programming and other holistic approaches that see students as global beings, endowed with affectivity, creativity, different types of intelligence and learning styles.

TANDEm virtual interactive course

Interactive language courses without a tutor

A complete platform for learning languages online in an autonomous way, where you can learn step by step from the basic level to the most advanced, in an interactive way. Videos, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation correction, news, and much more.

How do the courses on the online language platform work?

Once the students have paid for their licenses, they will receive from TANDEM the access keys to the online self-learning language platform.

  • Our online courses (from our platform) have all levels from beginner to advanced (from A to C). If you know for sure your level, once you purchase the course, you will be able to access directly to the appropriate course. Likewise, if it is your first contact with the language and you want to start with the first level.
  • If you prefer, you can take the level test within the platform itself. It is an intense and certified test and once you complete it the platform will give you the result and redirect you to your level.
  • The license you hire (1 month, 2, 3…) is for time, not content. Once you pay for it, you can use it and progress as you wish, without time restrictions.

Who are they aimed at?

The online courses on our platform are aimed at adults who have little time and irregular schedules, and who find it difficult to schedule classes in person.

Once you are on the platform, we recommend that you take the level test. This will help you access the right content and contribute to the success of this learning experience.

  • 1 month license: 45 € + VAT
  • 3 months license: 95 € + VAT
  • 6 months license: 155 € +VAT
  • 12 months license: 245 € + VAT

Blended Learning mode

There is a “Blended Learning” mode that consists of access to our online course platform plus a complement of virtual classroom tutorials and virtual or telephone conversation classes.

Combine Spanish online with face to face courses.

Discover our Spanish courses in Madrid, Spain.

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