Individual ELE training

Individual ELE training

Individual ELE training course for non-native teachers


Non-native Spanish teachers of Elementary Schools and High Schools, universities, private schools interested in the teaching of E/LE, who need to improve their knowledge of Spanish in language classes and acquiring educational tools for their work in the classroom at the same time. People who want to apply for a ERASMUS + scholarship.


Participants undergo a process of updating their knowledge and use of Spanish. At the same time, they will reflect about different aspects of the language and obtain didactic tools for their work as teachers. Last, but not least they will treat socio-cultural aspects of Spanish society as well as ICTs.


This course consists of 20 units of language classes in an advanced group (B2 or higher) with a maximum of 10 students + 10 individual lessons about updating the didactic knowledge of ELE teaching, tailored to the actual participant’s needs (before you arrive at TANDEM we will send you a needs’ analysis).

Some examples:

1. Reflections about the role of the teacher in the classroom.

2. Ideas for classes with children or youngsters, as well as for company classes.

3. How to work listening comprehension, oral expression, reading comprehension and written expression.

4. Pedagogical grammar and communicative activities to teach grammar.

5. The new political landscape in Spain.

6. Contemporary Spanish music.

7. Relevant personalities of current Spain.

8. New technologies and social networks in ELE teaching.

Individual ELE training course for non-native teachers

DurationMinimum 1 week (30 lessons of 45 minutes each). 9.30 – 15.00 (6 lessons/day)
Dates and times

Monday to Friday.

Starts any Monday during the year.

Maximum participants10
1 week30 classes605 €

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