Autumn in Madrid

autumn in Madrid

We are in mid-autumn in Madrid and the wet streets become part of our daily routine, at times interrupting the usual sunny days of the city. The most precious thing this season is light, melancholic and even warm, reminding us that the summer is over and it’s time for gathering, shelter and a good cup of tea or hot chocolate.

The autumn in Madrid could be the beginning of a song or even a movie since it announces an adventure with a full schedule of events. We change the scenario, and what was happening on the streets before now happens in a cafe, theater or cinema. Arguably Madrid’s autumn is just a sock flip. The activity never stops, only moves to other spaces.

Among the many events that occur these days, there is one that could be considered a classic, and is commonly known as going to the mountains. There are many people who choose nature, combining gastronomy and healthy life, thus starting the new rhythms that are coming. A good country tour gives you enough energy to face a long, and perhaps cold and wet, workday. El Hayedo Montejo is one of the good places for hiking. It is located less than 90 kilometers from Madrid and its location is unbeatable. Right there you can see the change of season as if it was a painting. Delving into this forest is like playing with autumn metaphors. Oaks, pines, even wild boars and roe deers, which overlook timid greeting visitors are some of the elements that we can find in these places. However, if leaving the city can be somewhat difficult, Madrid parks lend themselves to no less poetic and perhaps more affordable visits. Retiro Park in Madrid or El Capricho are two examples of urban nature.

All these activities can join the tasting a good meal, such as the “cocido madrileño”, a typical dish of the city whose main ingredients are chickpeas and vegetables along with pork and beef. One bite that will not leave you indifferent, very appropriate and suitable for the colder days.

But if what really motivates you is the urban area, Madrid is definitely the right place to spend an active autumn. Concerts, theaters, festivals, dance are some of the most popular events for these dates. It will not be difficult to find a cultural agenda, printed or digital, where to find cultural plans for these days that wander by the halls of the city. So, whatever your preference is, surely there is a plan for you this autumn in Madrid.

Check out our calendar of events for this autumn in Madrid.


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