Business Spanish, a course with a bright future ahead

In addition to being one of the most widely spoken and studied languages in the world, Spanish is also an important language in the world of business and international trade. It is so important that even the Instituto Cervantes, the official Spanish institution in charge of promoting Spanish and Hispanic cultures beyond Spain’s borders, includes the economic impact of Spanish in its annual report on the situation of the Spanish language in the world.

The fact that the Spanish-speaking community is so big and so geographically distributed throughout the world means that Spanish is, without a doubt, of great international relevance in trade relations as well.

In the specific case of Spain, 79% of Spanish exporting companies believe that the fact that Spanish is spoken in the target market may facilitate their international activity. This figure rises to 84% among companies already established in non-Spanish markets.

Besides Spanish firms, more and more companies around the world are interested in establishing business relationships in countries where Spanish is spoken or locating their products on the Spanish-speaking market in countries where Spanish is not the mother tongue, such as the United States.

To ensure the success of their business relationships in Spanish-speaking countries and the effectiveness of communication campaigns aimed at Spanish speakers, these companies need professionals from all fields and business areas who have adequate knowledge of Spanish, especially business-oriented Spanish.

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What are the advantages of business Spanish courses?

One of the main advantages of the Business Spanish courses is that they are specifically designed so that students can manage in Spanish without problems in the labor market, whether they are employees or if they occupy managerial or top management positions.

The main requirement to be able to participate in these courses is that the student has sufficient language skills to communicate without problems in Spanish in everyday situations.

Through a business-oriented Spanish program and classroom exercises that address situations in the professional environment (business meetings, contracts signing, etc.) and other aspects of the different cultural realities of Spain and Latin America, professionals acquire the knowledge of Spanish necessary to communicate fluently and effectively within any company where Spanish is the language of business.

Intensive, extensive or individual business Spanish classes?

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As each student has different academic goals and personal preferences, at TANDEM Madrid we offer three different modalities of Business Spanish courses: Intensive Business Spanish courses, Extensive Business Spanish courses and Individual classes with a private teacher. This way, whatever your needs, tastes and professional goals are, you’ll find an option that suits you. In TANDEM Madrid we care about you finding the course you’ll get the maximum of.

Those who want to receive training on business Spanish in a short period of time have in the Intensive Business Spanish Course their best ally. A minimum one-week program in which each student receives group classes (20 per week, 45 minutes each) and individual classes with a teacher (10 each week of the same duration as group classes) that give the student the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of group Spanish classes and the customization of individual classes and obtain one of the following diplomas:

Basic Business Spanish Certificate

• Advanced Business Spanish Certificate

• Diploma in Business Spanish

People who prefer a more progressive and long-term business Spanish training may prefer the Extensive Business Spanish Course. This Spanish program includes three group classes per week during a minimum of six weeks.

If you are looking for a completely custom Business Spanish course, the best option is Private Spanish Classes with a teacher who will accompany you at all times and adapt to your needs and your learning pace.

“Do you want to make a professional career in the Hispanic market?” “Learn Business Spanish with the best professionals and boost your professional and business future thanks to Spanish”


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