V Spanish Language Olympic Games in Poznan, Poland, in collaboration with FEDELE and TANDEM MADRID.

V Spanish Language Olympic Games in Poznan, Poland

Last month of April 2015 was held at the Adam Mickiewicz University (UAM) in Poznan, Poland, the 5th edition of the “Spanish Language Olympic Games” (OJH in Polish). It is a competition for primary and secondary schools that takes place within the framework of collaboration of the Ministry of National Education’s project “Development and implementation of a complex system of work with gifted students” (co-funded by the European Social Fund).

OJH’s objectives are:

  • Awaken and develop an interest for the Spanish language among students
  • Better prepare students to continue their education in higher degrees
  • Create an environment to stimulate a healthy competition among students
  • Improve the work forms and methods of teachers towards gifted students
  • Encourage cooperation between gifted students, philology students and students from institutes of Spanish speaking countries
  • Extend cooperation between academic teachers and secondary school teachers in the education process of gifted students

This year, students competed for rankings of 10 winners and 25 finalists through a series of exercises that tested their knowledge of language, culture and literature of Spanish-speaking countries. Final tests were carried out on 17 April, and the competition was pretty fierce.

The winner of the contest was Natalia Surmiak, from Ogólnokształcące XVII Liceum of Poznań, followed by Zofia Mencwel, from LXIV LO im.St.I.Witkiewicza and Michal Kubisiak Warsaw, from VI Liceum im Ogólnokształcące. Adama in Krakow. The full list of winners is available at http://ojh.edu.pl/dokumenty/LISTA_LAUREATOW_I_FINALISTOW_V_OJH_2014-15.pdf

The event had the support of local and regional governments of Poznan, Adam Mickiewicz University, the secretaries of education and tourism of the Spanish Embassy in Poland, and the embassies of Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Spain, Mexico, Panama , Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. It was sponsored by the Office of Tourism of the Spanish Embassy in Poland, FEDELE, ELITE Spanish bookstores, publishers Lektorklett, the FUNIBER Foundation, Kiribati Club and Hotel Andersia.

TANDEM Madrid has been one of the schools that collaborated through the Association of Schools of Spanish, FEDELE, offering a scholarship of intensive Spanish course with family half board accommodation to the winners, showing once again the commitment of TANDEM Madrid to the promotion of the Spanish language in the world.

You can find more information about the OJH on their official website in Spanish or Polish.

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