Testimonial of Nicola Curran (Reay Primary School)

Testimony of Nicola Curran

Testimonial of Nicola Curran (Reay Primary School)

Nicola Curran comes from England and is a primary school teacher in Reay Primary school, in London. TANDEM Madrid has worked out Spanish teaching programs in Madrid for her teaching during the past two years.

Nicola has been in TANDEM Madrid six times to learn Spanish in one-week intensive courses, and during her stays in Madrid she has reached Spanish level B1 (at first she was an absolute beginner).

This is her testimony about the school.

Hi! My name is Nicola, I’m from London, I’m a primary school teacher. I’ve come to TANDEM over the last year and a half six times. I’ve had a fantastic time. I’ve come from a pretty much of a beginner to level B1 thanks to the great teaching, I’ve had lots of different teachers, and they’ve all been unique and great fun. I’ve also enjoyed lots of activities with TANDEM. Obviously you can go to the usual museums: Prado, Reina Sofía, which is great, with fantastic guides and they speak so clearly in English…sorry, in Spanish, (laughs) in a way that makes it easy for you to understand. Fond of particularly lots and lots of historical and old history knowledge. She is a fantastic guide and I’ve really enjoyed going on this with her. But we’ve also been able to do things that are a bit different, just like going around taking a boat along the river, which is great, and we went to the tapestry factory, which was a really special thing. You can see the work is still producing, tapestries just as they did 300 years ago for the king. Great walking-tours, food tours, dance lessons…
And anything that is of interest to you Tandem will really really accommodate and try and work out to make it possible and organize for you. I’ve been to the cinema, they’ve printed out things about which restaurants to go to, so yeah, I couldn’t have asked for a better time and I’ve also got a lot better level of Spanish, so yeah, come to TANDEM.

Nicola Curran with other studentsBritish colleagues of Nicola on a visit to Tabacalera.
Nicola  in a dance lessonNicola in a dance lesson
Nicola Curran with other students at the museumNicola Curran with other students at the museum

This testimony is also available in Spanish

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