TANDEM language exchange in Madrid: Practice conversational Spanish

Learning a language cannot be merely limited to the hours we spend in the classroom. Nor even the hours we spend in the country where the language is spoken. In order to truly learn a language, and reach a good level of communication in all kinds of contexts, it is necessary to mix with the local people, learn from them, and share experiences … That is why, in TANDEM Madrid, besides interesting classes, we have attentive teachers observing your learning, and a familiar and cozy atmosphere where you have the opportunity to enjoy language exchanges. Above all, students will find a special environment in our school for learning the language. In TANDEM Madrid we provide the possibility for our students to live the Spanish, since we are convinced learning is not limited to the classroom; it also has to continue outside of it. Therefore, we offer our students the possibility of enjoying a carefully selected Tandem Partner, our hallmark, which differentiates us from other courses or methodologies.

At TANDEM Madrid we are very happy to match people interested in learning languages and in knowing other cultures. That is why our language exchange program reaches more people every day. From the first moment a student enrolls in a Spanish course of two weeks or more, we offer the possibility of having a language exchange, or attending different group activities which take place once or twice a month.
Anyone who is learning a foreign language or wants to refresh old knowledge can enjoy the advantages of the method TANDEM. Anyone can participate, regardless of age, profession, studies, etc.
Regarding the necessary level of knowledge of Spanish as a foreign language, as a general rule it is understood it would be the linguistic level necessary for the tandem partners to combine learning and communication of interesting contents; this is usually from level A2.
If you are a student of TANDEM, or have signed up for the language exchange program, you will be invited to our monthly events where we have fun and make friends.

You just need to fill in the online form below to be informed about the activities taking place in the coming months and to be able to find a TANDEM Partner. Also through social networks and our blog for Spanish courses you can follow our activities and read the experiences of other students who enjoyed or enjoy a tandem.
If we contact you to offer the possibility to contact a TANDEM Partner is important to communicate us whether the exchange works or not, if you have managed to find a time to meet, if the person you’ve contacted has a similar profile, sufficient for the exchange work. If you meet someone, but you see he/ she is not the TANDEM Partner you thought, you can write us and try to find someone else. All we want is to form TANDEM Partners that that work and to maximize your opportunity to learn through the exchanges.

Before the first meeting there is not much to prepare. It is a first approach to the other person. A neutral and informal place like a cafe might be a good alternative. In this first meeting they may sometimes violate the rules of operation of the tandem such as the separation of languages in order to clarify some organizational issues:

  • How often and how long are we going to meet? (Originally recommended 30 minutes for each language and not more than 2 or 3 times a week to prevent excesses. It can be increased later) How long will we learn together?
  • What specific problems do we have with the language?
  • What are our learning objectives? Are there particular situations or contexts for which we need the language?
  • How are we going to correct each other?
  • How are we going to work? (materials, predominantly oral or written work, etc.)
  • Finally: where are we going to meet next time?

1 – We meet regularly. This rule is self-explanatory, as you can only make progress if you study regularly and perseverance and you also try to be serious about keeping the meetings.
2 – We alternate as apprentices and advisers; in every meeting we speak both languages. It is especially important in exchanges to give freedom to learners. The learner is who determines what he/ she wants to learn. ‘Private teachers “are not welcome in the exchanges. Everyone is responsible for their own learning.
3 – We share the time to be dedicated to each language in a fair manner and at every stage we speak only one language. This is the most important and the most ‘difficult’ rule to be met: if we fall into temptation and speak more often in language that is easier for both, then the dialogue tends to a certain direction and one component stops obtaining each one’s rightful part in the exchange.

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Testimonials of TANDEM Language Exchanges

At these meetings, we also want many others to enjoy the experience of having a tandem, a personal exchange with someone with whom to meet with a certain regularity to exchange languages. Many tandem couples are up and running beautifully. We want to share two testimonies from some of our former students.

The first is Sebastian, a German student who learned Spanish at TANDEM and who has shared the “TANDEM Partner” experience with Daniel for some months:

“For several weeks I have met regularly with a Spaniard who has lived in Germany for a number of years. We speak Spanish and German in our personal lives; politics and other things both interest us. These meetings make us happy because we learn a lot about the other country, and improve our knowledge of the languages at the same time. It is very kind the TANDEM institution has matched us.”.
Testimonials of TANDEM Language Exchanges

And in the video below, Sophie (France) and Bea (Spain) share their testimony from a beach in Mallorca, where they have gone for a weekend to enjoy a tandem partnership.

Testimonal of Sophie and Bea

Sebastian and Daniel, Sophie and Bea, like many others, also participate in our monthly exchange meetings, thus taking advantage of all the opportunities TANDEM offers to always be UNITED BY THE LANGUAGES, and enjoy the pleasure of learning.
You can also follow us through the Meet-Up platform, where we already have hundreds of followers and where you can also keep informed about our events.
We are waiting for you at TANDEM Madrid!

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