Long-term Course

The long-term course has the same features as the short-term intensive courses, but in a six-month program or longer. You will learn more and also save money!
This is a great opportunity to learn about the Spanish culture and language in depth, as you will spend much longer living with Spanish people and experiencing the everyday life of our vibrant and attractive city.
The TANDEM team will design a personalised learning plan for you in accordance with your personal and professional needs, so that when taking the long-term Spanish course you will achieve your goals in a clear and satisfactory manner.



Starting date Any Monday of the year
Lessons per week 20 lessons/week – 4 lessons/day
Duration Minimum 24 consecutive weeks. If you wish to take a break during the program, you must give at least one week’s notice.
Levels All levels
Timetable 9:30–13:00, Monday to Friday
Lesson duration 45 min
Minimum age +16
No Enrolment fee 0€, includes: Enrolment, course book, additional material, welcome folder, cultural activities, personalised attention, Internet WiFi access and certificate of participation in the course. Every classroom is equipped with audiovisual and digital media. Free TANDEM language exchange service. Tandem Partner is a good way to make friends while you learn conversational Spanish by practicing with your colleagues from Tandem School. Book, film and music CD loan service. Student assistance service (purchase of tickets, information on transport, etc.). Tutorial sessions with teachers. Everything with the maximum concern about your well beign and learning quality.
12 weeks240 lessons2040 Euros
24 weeks480 lessons3440 Euros
32 weeks640 lessons4200 Euros
Additional week 130 Euros


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