Spanish Cities Program

Spanish Cities Program

Spanish Cities Program

Throughout the year TANDEM Madrid offers the chance to participate in Spanish programs in Madrid which are combined with our partner schools in San Sebastian, Granada and Barcelona. This is a really good alternative for those who want to make the most of their stay in Spain and get to know different places in the country.

With the program around cities of Spain the groups can spend a week in Madrid and another week in the other cities, depending on your preferences.

The minimum stay of the program around cities of Spain is of 2 weeks. During this time the participants will obtain a rich and pleasant view of the Spain of the moment and of the history and culture of two really different cities such as Granada and San Sebastian, with very different costumes and traditions.

The course around cities of Spain includes both Spanish classes in the mornings and a cultural program in the afternoon. The group may start their stay in Madrid or in another city of their choice.

We recommend you look for information about the possible flight connections.

Why to choose the Spanish Cities Program

We have chosen these destinations in the Spanish geography for several reasons:

  • The city of Madrid is connected to 10 Spanish cities through the high speed trains AVE and ALARIS. Thanks to them you will get to each city in a really short time.
  • The schools we have selected are accredited centers part of the TANDEM ESPAÑA Network of Schools. All of our high quality, friendly schools are associated with the Instituto Cervantes, highest institution responsible for spreading Spanish and Hispanic culture around the world.
  • All the selected cities are an essential part of the cultural diversity of Spain and are really important if you want to understand and get to know our country.

In both schools you will combine the Spanish classes with a cultural program customized just for you and designed in coordination with the teams of the two schools.

**Other destinations are also possible.


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