Spanish for ELE teachers

Spanish for ELE teachers

Spanish for ELE teachers

Objective ELE teacher: quarterly extensive course of 90 hours


Native and non-native persons interested in doing a course in Spanish as a foreign language and without any previous training in this field, as well as teachers who are new to their profession.


Acquisition of theoretical knowledge and first practical tools to start developing ELE teaching tasks based on a solid foundation.


This course consists of 110 lessons (60 class units of theory + 40 units of class observation and practice lessons + 8 hours tutorials + 2 hours presentation of teaching material delivered by publishers).


Participants will receive a needs’ analysis, in which their needs and preferences will be reflected. This way, one part of the course content can be adapted to the characteristics of the group.


1. Introduction to ELE teaching.

2. The levels of the Common European Framework and the syllabus of the Cervantes Institute.

3. From teacher-centric to student–oriented teaching: the communicative approach.

4. Structural elements of teaching: objectives, content, activities, social forms and resources.

5. The role of the teacher in the classroom.

6. Criteria of class preparation. Media and material.

7. How to work listening comprehension, oral expression, reading comprehension and written expression.

8. Error correction.

9. Pedagogical grammar and communicative activities to teach grammar.

10. Creation and dynamic application of material.

11. Intercultural work.

12. Classroom dynamics and social networks in ELE teaching.

13. Games and songs in ELE teaching. Working with images. Relaxation and peripheral stimuli.

14. Cultural and intercultural aspects of teaching ELE.

15. The holistic approach and learning types according to Neuro-linguistic Programming.

16. The Spanish teacher as coach.

17. Motivation and affective learning.

18. New technologies and social networks in ELE teaching.


100% course attendance is mandatory. In case students can’t attend a class, they need to provide written justification.

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