DELE inscriptions

To take the level A2 DELE or B2 DELE exam at TANDEM Madrid:

Inscriptions for A2 and B2 DELE must be done via the internet, using the website of CCSE ( In the site’s search engine simply type Madrid and look for our centre FEDELE/TANDEM ESCUELA INTERNACIONAL MADRID, then select the exam DELE A2 or B2 and the date that you would like.

For all other DELE levels

DELE exam inscriptions of any level (except for DELE level A2 and level B2) must be done online through the FEDELE website ( Enter Madrid in the website’s search engine and search for our centre FEDELE/TANDEM ESCUELA INTERNACIONAL MADRID, then select the DELE exam level and date that you would like.

Candidates should present the following documentation:

  • The original AND a photocopy of their passport or an officially recognised photo identity document with a clearly recognisable photographic image where the first name, family name, nationality, place and date of birth are given. The information provided by the candidate in the application form must correspond exactly with that of the information included in the identity document provided.
  • Documentation showing proof of payment for exam inscription.
  • Application form for DELE inscription correctly completed.

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TANDEM MADRID is an examination centre for the Cervantes Institute of the DELE exam A2 and DELE exam B2, we also have DELE exam preparation courses for all other levels.


C/ Marqués de Cubas nº 8. 28014
+34 91 5322715

Exam inscription prices (Cervantes Institute):

DELE LevelPrice of Inscription (in euros)
A1 School students108€
A2-B1 School students160€

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