DELE (Examination centre for level A2 and B2)

DELE is the official diploma of Spanish language learning from the Cervantes Institute. These diplomas are recognised around the world and are well respected in the spheres of education and business alike. To obtain Spanish nationality is necessary to have at least a diploma DELE level A2.

What use is the DELE diploma?

  • If you are going to spend a long period of time in Spain, for studies, work or simply for leisure, you can make the most of your stay by taking the exam. You can then return to your home country with an internationally recognised official qualification which attests to your abilities in the Spanish language.
  • With a DELE diploma you will be able to access grants, internships and well-paid jobs which require a knowledge of Spanish.
  • It is a key to accessing university undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses in Spain as well as in 90 countries, where the diploma is recognised.
DELE is an exam that you can prepare for in Spain, at our centre TANDEM MADRID with face to face classes or via our online classes and take the exam either here in Madrid or in your own country of origin or residence.

DELE exam levels

DELE Spanish diploma Common European Framework Reference
DELE Spanish diploma A1 A1
DELE Spanish diploma A2 A2
DELE Spanish diploma B1 B1
DELE Spanish diploma B2 B2
DELE Spanish diploma C1 C1
DELE Spanish diploma C2 C2

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DELE 2018 exam dates

Call Date of written exam Deadline for inscription Levels
February February 9 January 10 A2
April April 6 February 14 A1, A2, B1, B2, C1
May May 18 – school students March 28 A1, A2-B1
May May 19 – general March 28 A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2
July July 13 May 23 A2, B1, B2, C1
September September 14 August 1 A2
October October 5 August 22 A2, B1, B2
November November 9 – school students October 3 A1, A2-B1
November November 10 – general October 3 A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

DELE 2018 for school students

Visiting groups from educational institutions (high schools, colleges, academies etc.) can take advantage of their stay by receiving DELE preparation classes for one or more weeks at our centre.

It is also possible to prepare for the oral exam via Skype with our native Spanish speaker teachers who also hold the title of DELE examiner.

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To take the level A2 DELE or B2 DELE exam at TANDEM Madrid:

Inscriptions for A2 and B2 DELE must be done via the internet, using the website of CCSE ( In the site’s search engine simply type Madrid and look for our centre FEDELE/TANDEM ESCUELA INTERNACIONAL MADRID, then select the exam DELE A2 or B2 and the date that you would like.

For all other DELE levels

DELE exam inscriptions of any level (except for DELE level A2 and level B2) must be done online through the FEDELE website ( Enter Madrid in the website’s search engine and search for our centre FEDELE/TANDEM ESCUELA INTERNACIONAL MADRID, then select the DELE exam level and date that you would like.

Candidates should present the following documentation:

  • The original AND a photocopy of their passport or an officially recognised photo identity document with a clearly recognisable photographic image where the first name, family name, nationality, place and date of birth are given. The information provided by the candidate in the application form must correspond exactly with that of the information included in the identity document provided.
  • Documentation showing proof of payment for exam inscription.
  • Application form for DELE inscription correctly completed.

More details at:

TANDEM MADRID is an examination centre for the Cervantes Institute of the DELE exam A2 and DELE exam B2, we also have DELE exam preparation courses for all other levels.


C/ Marqués de Cubas nº 8. 28014

[email protected]

+34 91 5322715

Exam inscription prices (Cervantes Institute):

DELE Level Price of Inscription (in euros)
A1 School students 108€
A1 108€
A2 124€
A2-B1 School students 160€
B1 160€
B2 188€
C1 197€
C2 207€

More information at:

TANDEM MADRID is a centre specialised in preparing its students so that they can successfully pass the DELE exam. We have an exam pass rate of 98%.

Face to face preparation classes for the DELE exam.

Courses can be 1 to 1 or in a group, or a combination of both. Classes are 45 minutes long.


DELE preparation course for individual students (1 to 1) General Intensive Course + individual classes (1 to 1) for DELE preparation Afternoon DELE preparation course
Course Duration 2 or 4 weeks before the exam with a minimum of 5 classes of 90 minutes 2 or 4 weeks before the exam 8 or 12 weeks before the exam
Price 380€ (5 classes of
90 minutes)
510€/week 8 weeks: 225€
12 weeks: 330€
Enrolment fee 50 € 50 € 30 €
Number of hours 5 classes of 90 minutes 20 lessons of 45 minutes per week in a group class + 5 individual (1to1) classes of 90 minutes 3 hours/week. One or two days per week

For all courses:

  • All levels
  • Course certificate reflecting level attained

DELE preparation course via Skype

For both residents in Spain or in other countries who already have a basic or higher level of the Spanish language, our DELE preparation course via Skype is the most comfortable way to prepare for this exam. All you need to enroll on a course is a computer or tablet with an internet connection. No fixed timetable and no need to travel.

Every week, your tutor will send you 2 DELE format tests by email. In addition, every week you will have a 45-minute tutorial via Skype where you can resolve your doubts with your tutor. You will also develop strategies to pass the exam successfully as well as rehearsing the oral exam.

Prices for Spanish Classes via Skype
Number of classes Price (Euros)
1 – 10 classes 36 €
+10 classes 32 €

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