Your Spanish host family


  • All of the host families are excited to have you in their homes.
  • When you arrive, make yourself at home and unpack your suitcase. You will receive a house key.

Types of families and homes

  • Single parent.
  • Traditional families with two parents and children.
  • Older women who live alone.
  • Retired couples.
  • All of the families in Madrid live in flats that are small to medium size. No one lives in a stand-alone house.
Host Family

“Spain is different”

You may notice that in the Spanish home:

  • Spaces are smaller.
  • No clothes dryers.
  • Air-conditioning not common.
  • Smaller furniture.
  • Smaller refrigerators.


  • Once a week the lady of the house will wash your sheets and towels.
  • The cleanliness of the room is your responsibility.

Those Crazy Foreigners!

It may be odd for Spaniards that some foreigners:

  • Sleep on top of the covers.
  • Do not open windows or doors to air out their rooms.
  • Spend a lot of time in their bedrooms.
  • Go barefoot and do not wear slippers in the house.


  • Breakfast and dinner are provided. Lunch is on your own.
  • Speak with your host to set a time for dinner.
  • If you are not going to be home, let your family know.
  • Talk with your host about what you can and cannot eat.
  • If you have to or want to eat special ingredients and food, you must buy them.


  • Your host wants to know you! (don’t be shy or let your lack of Spanish get in the way. That’s why you are here).
  • Mention your plans regularly (you are an adult, but they will worry about you).
  • Ask before inviting guests over.
  • Tell them if you are feeling ill (they can help get you to the doctor if you need to).


  • You have your own set of keys to the house. Make sure to take care of them (if you lose, you are responsible to replace the keys and locks – and it might be expensive).
  • The washing machine is included, so you can do your laundry once a week, but ask before using it.
  • There is no curfew, but respect that there people sleeping. Please be quiet when you come home at late hours.

Last note

We hope you have a wonderful stay and experience with us at TANDEM. If you have any questions or comments, just talk to Reception when you come to class.

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