Intensive Spanish Courses

Our intensive Spanish courses are designed for people who want to learn Spanish quickly or in a short period of time. They consist of a minimum of 20 lessons per week, or 32 hours a week as in the case of the super intensive Spanish course. Our standard intensive Spanish course consists of 20 Spanish lessons per week (4 classes per day) with 2 other lessons per week on the current economic situation, social and political of Spain.

Extensive Spanish courses, on the other hand, are designed for people living in Madrid that want to take fewer classes for a longer period of time. So, the main difference between intensive and extensive courses is the number of classes that students take every week.

Usually, these types of courses are chosen by people who come to Madrid for a few weeks or months, and must make the most of their study time. This doesn’t mean that the courses have to be for a short time, because in TANDEM Madrid students can choose any number of weeks they need. Including courses for the full year if they want, such as the Gap year course. With a intensive course for several months as in the Gap Year course, any serious learner can acquire a high level of Spanish because a prolonged immersion in Spanish culture and society, combined with many classes a day, offers the student the opportunity to achieve the greater development that their potential allows.

With TANDEM Madrid students begin to speak Spanish from the day one, and that’s why they can get some results in their learning even with an intensive course of one week. But when students can take several weeks courses, they have more possibilities not only to learn Spanish but also to get to know Spain. We offer students the opportunity to take a combined Spanish course in other TANDEM schools around the country, without having to pay an extra enrollment fee. It is an ideal program for those who want to study in Madrid and travel by Spain at the same time.

Please check our complete list of Spanish courses.

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