Extensive Spanish Courses

Unlike the intensive Spanish courses, which offer a greater number of lessons per week for people who normally travel to Madrid for less time, extensive Spanish courses are mainly chosen by people already living in Madrid and prefer to study in a more relaxed way over a greater number of months. Is also designed for people who, because of their work or studies, have fewer hours each week to study Spanish. But it’s possible to hire an extensive course for less time, since 4 weeks.

One of the most demanded extensive courses is the Friday or Saturday Extensive Course, offered one day per week. This course is offered especially for those who work or study during the week and only have time on weekends. There is also a Two Days a Week Course that is offered during the week for people who have more time available in weekdays. They are held in different days of the week, depending on the student’s level.

Among those who choose extensive courses we can find both students and workers, but it is mostly demanded by professionals who want to pass an exam like the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid certificate or just improve their language skills to improve their careers. That’s why our Business Spanish Course has a good acceptance among our customers. See also our list of Spanish for professionals programs. Another type of professional that requires quite often our extensive courses are the ones who take care after children, or “au pairs”. The Au pairs Spanish Course offers the possibility to foreign people living with Spanish families to learn the language faster, enhancing it with what they’re already learning from the daily relationship with their hosts.

Therefore, before deciding what course to choose, consider your time availability and how quickly you want to learn Spanish. The logic is that the more classes you take, and for a longer period of time, the faster you will learn. But TANDEM have options for all learning needs you may have.

Please check our complete list of Spanish courses.

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