Housing and meals

Housing is a homestay with carefully selected Spanish families. When living with a Spanish family, students are exposed to countless examples of authentic speech and different customs thus learning about these new aspects of language and culture with little effort.

Each home has been carefully chosen by our Resident Coordinator and Housing Coordinator based on the information the student has sent regarding their personal preferences and medical needs such as dietary restrictions, allergies, etc. Homestays may consist of single señoras (with or without children) or a two-parent household.

  • Single room
  • 3 meals a day (for summer programs, a 2-meal a day program is also offered)
  • Laundry once a week.

All TANDEM families are welcoming and generous with their home but participants should remember that they are guests and will be expected to adapt to the traditions and rules of the family.

Start your study abroad experience in Spain

Summer camps for children and teenagers. 

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