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Programs overview

The University Programs at TANDEM, Escuela Internacional are designed for University students, that want to study abroad in Madrid, primarily juniors, who have already taken some Spanish courses in high school or at University and wish to improve and, broaden their linguistic skills and study Spanish culture within an academic environment abroad.

Our students reinforce their skills in a relaxed and international environment, perfectly designed to enhance communicative and intercultural learning. Each student benefits from our personal attention and care crucial to any student language program abroad.

TANDEM offers intensive language-only courses for students who do not master enough Spanish, either because they aren’t juniors yet or simply do not have the level of Spanish required to enroll in optional courses. These intensive language courses award students with university credits for a foreign language and, at the same time, offer them daily practice to speak fluent Spanish.

Who can enroll

  • Any undergraduate students: freshman, sophomore, junior or senior; as well as postgraduate students who require a good knowledge of Spain and Spanish language.
  • Students with any level of Spanish – from Beginners to Heritage/Bilingual Education. Students who are interested in our Internship Semester and short term Business and Education Seminar programs are required to have an intermediate level.

Students from all majors are welcome.

Our programs are designed for university students who:

  • wish to improve their skills and · widen their linguistic and cultural knowledge through an academic experience abroad.
  • prefer a relaxed and international atmosphere to enhance communicative and intercultural learning.
  • wants to receive individual on-going attention.


TANDEM is not a university and thus cannot issue college credit on their own. The student’s own college/university is the issuing party.

The norm is that the student receive 6 to 9 credits for their work in the intensive daily language classes (3 credits for each 80 hour language lesson). The semester program offers 3 sessions of 80 hours each. The summer or month-long program offers 1 session of 80 hours.

Each optional course totals the number of hours for one course (30, 40 or 45 hours depending on the university) equal to 3 credits.

Start your study abroad experience in Spain

Summer camps for children and teenagers. 

If you sign up before May 31: free registration.
If you have already participated in a summer program at TANDEM: 15% discount + free registration.

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