Program overview

Summer Business Seminar – May or June or July


This program is designed for intermediate university students who wish to improve their Spanish while getting ahead in their Business studies during their summer break.

  • 2 weeks Intensive Spanish with International students
  • 2 weeks Business Spanish
  • Cervantes Institute – AVE on-line course for 6 months after leaving

Proven Spanish language progress

Small language classes with international students

All classes are taught in Spanish

Final grades have USA grade equivalents


2 weeks intensive Spanish Language classes with International students and a 2 week Business seminar

2 week intensive Language classes

After an initial placement test, once entry level is determined, the student progresses to the highest level of his/her assimilation in the hours allotted in the course.

2 weeks specialized seminar classes in Business including: Spain´s main companies, Spain and its Economic Crisis, the European Union, Advertising and Marketing in Spanish, The Chambers of Commerce and Branding, Transport, Renewable Resources, Tourism, Small and Medium size companies, Labour Reforms, etc.

Class Schedule

  • Language classes – Monday – Friday – 9.30 – 13.00
  • Education seminars – Monday – Friday – 9.30 – 13.00
  • Cultural Activities in afternoons or evenings or weekends




  • Family Homestay – Single room + half Board
  • DATES: May, June, July, August

Fees include:

  • 2 weeks of intensive language classes
  • 2 weeks of Business seminar
  • Orientation
  • Individualized attention- on-site coordinator, housing coordinator and all teachers speak English
  • Cultural Activity program – museums, walks, 2 day- outingss, cooking class, etc.
  • Conversation Exchange Partner
  • Monthly transport pass
  • Accommodation with a Spanish family (private room with breakfast and dinner)
  • Cervantes Institute – AVE on-line course for 6 months after leaving


SIELE Examination with TANDEM Madrid

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a student or a professional, whether you’re a native speaker or not.

Now you can prove your Spanish language proficiency by obtaining a prestigious and internationally recognized certificate.

Complete your program and go back home with your SIELE Spanish level certificate issued by Instituto Cervantes.

Si hablas español tan bien como estas estrellas del deporte,

¡certifícalo con SIELE!

Aquí tienes un código con un 10% de descuento

que puedes utilizar en la compra de tu examen SIELE:


Comparte el vídeo y el código de descuento en tus redes sociales.

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