About the Jornadas Energía ELE 2014

energy-ele-2014ENERGÍA ELE 2014, an event organised by TANDEM Madrid and the publishing house EDELSA for Spanish teachers and people interested in ELE didactics, took place on Saturday 26th April.

ENERGÍA ELE took place between 4 p.m. and midnight at TANDEM, and was attended by a large group of teachers and people interested in Spanish language teaching.

The afternoon was followed by two plenary sessions, one on Mindfulness in teaching and the other on treatment formulas in Buenos Aires Spanish. After a session on Blended Learning by EDELSA and a delicious snack-dinner, there were 3 learning stations dedicated to the voice of the teacher, learning styles and group dynamics. To conclude, there was a raffle of EDELSA teaching material and a concert by a fantastic Cuban orchestra.

A nice video about the event can be seen at the following link:
Our friends at EducaSpain chronicled the event in real time on social media.

Thanks to all who participated in this magical day full of ENERGÍA ELE.


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